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Call Tracking for Website Conversion ReportingWhat is Call Tracking?

Call tracking enables you to know what advertising source drives call leads to your business. This can be used for conventional mediums like print, billboards, TV, radio etc., as well as digital mediums like SEO organic search, Google AdWords, display advertising, social media advertising, retargeting ads and more.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Depending on the source you want to track, there are different approaches. For traditional media, we assign a unique tracking number, this redirects to your main number, but gives us the ability to track the call’s source and record the call, if you wish.

For digital media the process is similar, but with a twist. We assign a unique number for each of the channels we want to track—Organic search, Pay-per-Click, Social, etc., but we add code to your website to understand from which location on the site the visitor clicked through. The code automatically changes the phone numbers on your site to the “Tracking Number,” for the channel they came from. Again this redirects to your main phone number but gives us all the analytics on the call and the recording, if you wish.

“If you’re not tracking your call lead sources, you’re wasting your marketing dollars.”

Why use Call Tracking on my Website?

Today the old philosophy of a few advertising mediums are a thing of the past. Your prospects are on countless websites, on numerous devices and based on demographic, are pre-disposed to favor a particular medium for finding products or services.

But in this web-centric society, how do you track a lead to its source, when they will inevitably go to your website to learn more before contacting you.
Call Tracking enables you to measure, score, record calls and, more importantly, measure the overall R.O.I. of a particular marketing campaign to see if it’s working for your business or not.

We have had customers who have spent thousands on print thinking that was driving their sales, only to find out they had very poor results with that campaign. By funneling their marketing dollars into the channels and campaigns that were “actually performing,” they were able to substantially increase sales for less marketing spend.

Call Tracking Features

• Keyword Tracking—With integration of Google Analytics and Google AdWords, you can see right down to the keyword level, as to what drove the lead to the landing page, time spent on the page and, of course, the source of the lead.
• Call Forwarding—Apply rules to your calls based on your needs. Forward to different phone numbers, based on type of lead or geography, to groups of numbers, schedule to forward to your mobile phone after a certain hour, to a dealer or business location closest to the caller, and more.
• Call Recording—If enabled, you have unlimited access to all call recordings, which can be sorted by many criteria. You have the option to listen while the call is being recorded, getting auto notifications of calls, get automated advanced call tracking reporting sorted any way you want.
• Real-Time Call Log—When you receive a call, you will know immediately where the call is coming from, who it is, what advertising medium drove the call and what page of the website they landed on (if applicable).
• Advanced Reporting—Reports can be run manually, or scheduled to automatically deliver, based on the rules we set up for them. You can then utilize this data to make decisions on campaign and channel performance. For full service clients of conversionMOXY, we route this data into your customer conversion results dashboard, so that you may see calls in conjunction with your other conversion metrics.

Call reports allow you to view your calls by:

• Tracking number called
• Status of call
• Landing page the caller came in on
• Referring URL of who sent the caller to you
• Reporting tags
• Gender of caller
• Receiving number or agent the call was routed to
• Advertising channel
• Time of day
• Day of week
• Device
• AdWords campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword
• Search query

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