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Online Advertising

Are you looking to drive more sales through online advertising? There are many options to consider, here are some of the best performing options:

PPC (Pay-Per-Click):

If executed with the proper tools and controls, PPC fulfills an important part of overall WPM (Web Presence Management). PPC gets you in front of customers when you are building organic results. MOXY PPC delivers results through powerful software systems that unveil opportunities and analyze competitors’ strategies. This delivers qualified visitors to your site, whom we then tag and retarget with RefineClick display ads.

This strategy enables us to fill your sales funnel with new prospects and follow them with display ads, at a much lower cost, to bring them back when they are ready to convert.
If you are spending PPC budgets without tagging your prospects for retargeting, you are wasting your ad-spend.

Ask us for a demo on how we drive down PPC costs and increase conversion today.

Refine Click Online Advertising (Retargeting and Micro-Targeting):

Customers typically don’t convert on their first visit to your site. They’re typically in “research mode,” looking at all the options available to them. They also rarely come back to your site. Instead, they convert on the site with the most engaging calls-to-action, the best-presented product or service, the most competitive pricing, or in most cases, the site that “retargets” them.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is the delivery of graphic display ads to visitors who have been to your website. These are commonly tied into the products or services they looked at while on your site. We deliver these where your customers are: on Facebook, news sites, home improvement sites, e-mail portals, et cetera.

Prospects typically engage with brands once they have established a comfort level with the brand or they are ready to make a purchasing decision. By staying front-of-mind with your prospects, your brand is the likely choice when they are ready to purchase. Retargeting also gives buyers the sense that you are the more established brand, because of the frequency with which they see your brand.

What is Micro-Targeting?

Micro-targeting is the delivery of graphic display ads to audiences that may not have been to your site. The prospects are selected though the purchase of micro-targeting data. This data can include almost any type of information, and is derived from databases compiled by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, credit reporting agencies, social networks and a myriad of data aggregators.

You can target customers by geo-location, income, interests, purchases, age and endless other criteria.

Refine Your Audience:

Once you start using retargeting and micro-targeting in your online advertising, we collect information on visitors with regard to what products or services they are surfing for; what categories they like; what sites they visit; what search engines, browsers and devices they use; et cetera.

We then block the areas that are not performing for your brand and “refine” your audience. Over time, this delivers your ads to the perfect demographic and increases conversion, thereby reducing acquisition cost.

Schedule a demo today to learn how this exciting technology can improve your bottom line.

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