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App Development

Are you looking at software development to improve your business processes, or do you have the next “It” idea for a new online software platform?  At conversionMOXY we can help make those ideas a reality, with our proven track record of delivering quality web applications for multiple industries.

Software development is the process of computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug resolution used to create and maintain applications and frameworks involved in a software release life cycle and resulting in a software product.

Markets we Serve:

  • Business Process Automation
  • Custom e-Commerce Solutions with Integrated Accounting and Advanced Shipping Systems
  • Real Estate Lead Generation Systems
  • Online SAAS (Software as a Service) Applications
  • Online Learning Applications
  • Referral/Rewards/Loyalty Platforms
  • Digital Signage
  • Systems Integrations
  • Point-of-Sale API Integrations

Our Process:

Concept Deliverables Development

We understand the key to a successful software development project is clear communication and understanding of the end products’ functionality.  We pride ourselves on a clear communications stream during the development cycle.  Once we have established the functionality required for the application, our team goes to work on an overall application theme design.

This establishes the look and feel for the app, as well as the primary screens for functionality, including the customer-facing and administration views.  Once this is agreed upon, we develop the initial UI (User Interface), including primary navigation and settings.  Once this is agreed upon with the client, we go into a wire-frame development process.

The wire-frame system for software development eliminates issues down the road, as all the stakeholders can view and click through a graphic representation of the application to visualize functionality and design.  Clients can make comments on the wireframe system to streamline the development cycle and expedite the process.

Once the functionality and design process are complete, we start the specifications.

Software Development Specifications

Although there are initial specifications in the beginning of the software development process, many items and functionality typically change as all the various screens and required functionality are developed.

In this stage we create a detailed document outlining the overall app functionality and then a page-by-page guide of exact functionality for every action option within the software platform.


In the programming phase, we will develop the core functionality for both the customer-facing side of the application as well as the administrative side.  As we complete various milestones in the development, we share the progress with regular screen-share walk-throughs with the client to get feedback.  Upon the completion of all programming, we turn the site on our testing server over to the client for an initial “Punch List.” This is where any items that are not operating as anticipated are brought up, discussed and resolved.  Once the punch list is completed, the software is ready for client testing

Client Testing

In the client testing phase, we encourage the client to go through the full experience of a typical user of the software, from the various user types that may exist.  Multiple user tests are encouraged to get feedback on any operational issues that may not have been picked up in the punch list review. Upon review of any items that come up, the items are addressed and verified in a final client test before the beta release.

Beta Release

Once your new platform is signed off, you are ready for your beta release.  This is a soft launch to your audience and is generally not a promoted launch.  This gives all stakeholders live experience with the system to see if there are any items which need to be adjusted or added.  We monitor the platform carefully and maintain close communication with the client during this phase, so we can quickly respond to the final items which may arise.


You are now ready to launch your application to all stakeholders.  conversionMOXY offers hosting and ongoing management and support to make sure your new platform is running at full performance for your organization.

Do you have an application you would like to discuss?  Call us today at 336-588-9405




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