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Responsive Custom Websites

Your web presence defines how customers and potential customers see and perceive, recommend and do business with your brand. Our custom websites are designed from the inside out. We look at the sales process first, designing the optimal path for conversion of a prospect to a lead or sale, then finishing it with branding that tells your story and establishes your value proposition and brand culture.

Why Custom Website Design?

Today, there is fierce competition for the first page web search results in every industry. Top rankings are gained by incorporating best practices and by leveraging the experience of a web development team that delivers consistent first page results. As your website is one of your business’ primary sales tools, typically leads and sales are now integrated with your sales CRM system. For e-commerce websites or customers with brick-and-mortar stores, inventory management and/or point-of-sale systems and shipping options are typically incorporated. ConversionMOXY can deliver web- and server-based solutions for your business’ web presence marketing, along with the appropriate integrated business tools and systems.

Our custom website solutions are built specifically for your needs. Below are some features we incorporate into our solutions.


  • Website Architecture-We structure your site’s architecture for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from the launch date. Search engines look for an organized path for content and specific tags to tell them what the pages are about. We do this with “Schema Tags” and proper Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and image/video tagging.
  • Search-Optimized Content– Your content is designed around core terms with the most search volume for your business category, to drive the most traffic. We deliver the research for your business and review the findings in a clear, concise manner with your team. Initial discussions are held to finalize the content strategy.
  • Design Evaluation and Review-Our designs are reviewed through independent user testing with your target demographic before we begin building the site. This helps validate conversion theory and how actual potential users interpret the site before programming. Thus, we can “Fine Tune” conversion before your site is even launched.
  • Fully Mobile-Responsive-Our sites are built to be fully mobile-responsive and easy to update. With most industries, we are seeing search volume on mobile devices in excess of 60-70%. Having a website that delivers a great user experience, regardless of device or operating system, is a prerequisite for a successful web presence today.
  • Conversion Measurement-If you don’t know what’s driving your leads and sales you are wasting your marketing dollars. We establish tracking codes to measure everything within your site. By doing this, you will know exactly where a lead or sale came from. These measurements help you manage where you spend your marketing budget.
  • User Experience Tracking-Sometimes simply moving the location of content, a button or a call-to-action, like a quote request, or a change in a button color, can greatly improve sales conversion. We track every user to your website with scroll maps, heat maps, video capture of mouse movements and more. This helps us refine your custom website into a lead and sales machine.
  • Call Tracking- If you are a business that gets leads or sales from phone calls, we can track that as well. We can also report on exactly what source generated the call and provide you with a recording of the call in your dashboard, for rating and reporting. This is designed into your custom website through the initial coding.
  • E-Commerce- Whether you have a dozen products, or thousands of products, we can provide custom-tailored e-commerce solutions that meet your requirements. We can provide inventory management systems that integrate into current systems or we can establish new processes. We also provide accounting systems integrations, shipping, multi-warehouse or store locations management systems, as well as complete product setup, including product photography and Google Shopping or PPC advertising solutions.
  • Advanced Integrations/Custom Web Applications- If you’re looking for enterprise level integrations or development, we can provide the programming to streamline your web-based sales solutions. Salesforce CRM, Automotive CRM, custom process development, or sales routing, etc., are all available utilizing the latest programming technologies. If you’re looking for complete custom application development, read more here.
  • Exit Intent Marketing- One of the hottest trends and most successful lead generation tools we have right now. Exit intent marketing delivers a pop-up on your website, when a visitor is moving his or her mouse to leave the site. This is driven by advanced rules, and can be customized based on what the visitor has done in the past on your site, or what they have looked at during their visit. Learn more about exit intent marketing
  • Dynamic Content Based on Visitor- One of the most exciting areas of custom web development and web presence management is the ability to change the site’s content based on the user. Our systems maintain a record of visitors to your website, including what they have looked at and what actions they have taken. The next time they come to the site we can apply rules to deliver a more customized user experience. For example, if the user has already signed up for an email list or downloaded a white paper, it will not show those options the next time they visit. If they visited a “Furniture” website and looked at “Leather Furniture,” next time they come to the website the content will be geared to “Leather Furniture,” etc. Read more about dynamic website content
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