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Google Makes the Rules. We have to play nice.

There’s no denying that Google is the star of the Internet Circus. Understanding how to generate digital advertising solutions that find success through Google can be challenging.

Google Makes the Rules

What Are Google AdWords?

Google changed its name to Google Ads, but most of us still know their search advertising tool as Google AdWords. Simply put, Google Ads allows you to pay per click on custom-designed advertisements that show up to people when they search for specific keywords in their search terms. The cost per click depends on how many people search using those keywords per month, and how many other businesses are paying to advertise on those keywords. It can get complicated, but once set up effectively and tracked well, it is a powerful way to communicate your message directly to someone actively looking.

It gets cheaper the better we do.

One of the best incentives to set up a strategic campaign, but more importantly to continue to monitor and adjust your AdWords campaign is that Google rewards you… meaning charges you less per click the better your ads are performing.

Google Search vs. Google Display.

Google Ads is divided into two core types of advertising: Display Based Ads and Search-Based Ads. What’s the difference?

Google Search Advertising

Google Search Advertising, or “text ads” are the search results that have a green AD icon next to the website URL in the listing result. They appear above the search results, so they're often the first results someone sees. Also, they’re a great, and generally inexpensive way to get in front of your customers if your website is new and Google hasn’t established strong SEO yet. The takeaway here is Google Search advertising is powerful until all the work is done for organic SEO to take over. Then we really start to have fun.

Google Display Advertising

Google estimates that their display network provides coverage to over 90 percent of all internet users, which is enough of a reason you should be using it. However, it’s not just the reach of the network that makes it so impressive, its ability to segment and target users in a variety of ways makes the Google Display Network so powerful. Videos or image-based advertisements are displayed on websites that are related to the behaviors of your target audience. This is an ideal digital advertising solution for brand awareness… not necessarily for conversions. There’s something else for that.

Social Media as an Advertising Tool.

With over 6,000,000 people on Facebook per day, using social media for advertising makes a lot of sense. That doesn't mean every social media platform is right for everyone. Finding the right people, on the right platform, for the right money is what we do.


Facebook: A business owner’s best friend.

We can’t mention social media without talking about Facebook. Facebook has been leading the way in users, business resources like events, advertising, survey options, and live video streaming. They also have demographic information about their users like age, gender, interests, and other valuable data. For showing advertisements to people interested in your business services with surgical accuracy, facebook can do it fast, easy, and it’s relatively inexpensive when set up correctly.

Different Places… Different Faces.

Using social media to communicate is great for business. Knowing which platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) your audience is likely using while tailoring your message directly to their expectations is better.

Business professionals, CEOs, key decision-makers, and professional influencers can be found on LinkedIn. Other market segments may be more likely found on other platforms. Sending a message about your business that targets other businesses is more impactful than just sending generic messages to everyone everywhere. It’s not as much about what you say, but how you’re saying it… and who is listening.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a technique for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and branding.


The opposite of Interruption Marketing.

Inbound marketing is the concept that by maintaining a strong brand message, delivering it to your target audience through good content with blogs and solid articles, staying consistent using social media, and using SEO to rank your website well, you will make people interested in your business and your products. The best type of customer will come to find you… instead of you trying to drive them with TV or radio commercials that annoy and interrupt them when they’re not interested.

The Age of Information Overload… we’ve gone blind.

We live in an era where society expects to have the total sum of all human knowledge at their fingertips at any time… all the time. They’re “attacked” with advertising information. Marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day. We see them everywhere so often that we don’t see them. They lose their impact. With Inbound Marketing, we make available the information we want them to see but wait until they’re looking, to talk to them about it.

This means that the only people you spend your time and advertising budget on are people actively looking to learn about you. Since they’re already looking for your service… they’re way more likely to reach out to you and spend money. They want what you have… you just need to tell them why they want it from you.

Digital Advertising isn’t a product or service… it’s a process. A process that is built from a strong brand strategy, a great message, the correct placement of that message, and getting the right people to want the same thing. It’s not easy, but we do it every day. We can strategize your professional success.

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