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The data that will grow your business.

If you don't track it, you shouldn't do it.

With all the options available through digital marketing, it’s overwhelming to make sense of all the data. However, the data is what makes digital marketing effective.

Ranking in Position Zero

Just the facts, ma’am.

If you were a business owner looking to learn what’s working in your advertising campaign(s) what would you like to know? It’s a simple question, but hardly an easy one. Do you have the answers to the simple questions below? Can your current marketing agency answer these questions?

Let’s run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it.

Engaging a firm that understands how to set up web analytics properly provides you and your business an advantage. You shouldn’t be expected to understand the countless reports and tracking data, what content is most engaging, where to invest your advertising budget, but you do need to have this information to be successful. It’s the simple difference between making budget decisions based on facts or theories. Facts can be proven. Theories are just educated guesses, and although there’s a place for taking a risk, wouldn’t you rather know the facts? You should know the answers to these questions and much more anytime you want to know. With client dashboards, you can view this information at a glance. You can also run reports to dive deeper into the information.

Knowing these answers helps you understand what content, keywords or ad campaigns are responsible for your leads and sales. You can determine exactly how a qualified prospect found you which allows you to focus on finding more of those prospects using strategies you know work and stop the strategies which don’t. This lowers your acquisition cost and creates a better R.O.I for your marketing investment.

All Your Data in One Spot.

Our dashboards and reporting pull all of your analytics, call tracking, form tracking, ad campaign, social media performance, SEO performance, keyword ranking and more into one easy to view tool.


Google Analytics

This is the core collection tool for everything related to your website traffic. Google Analytics tracks what they look at, what actions they take, and demographic data. The data is invaluable and whether you use all of it or not, it will be there when you need it.


Google My Business

See how many times you show up on Google Maps and Search results, track calls, direction requests, and clicks to your website. Here you also find your Google Reviews. Responding immediately to any negative reviews is essential in maintaining your online reputation.


Google Search Console

This includes top queries people use to find your site, top pages, locations search is being done from, and the devices used to find your site. Keyword level data is also provided for some keywords including impressions, and clicks and click-thru rate.

What to track and why care.

Track everything. Every action you can follow… follow. The more you know, the more effective you can be. This doesn’t mean you need to look at it all, it doesn’t even mean that everything will be relevant all the time. It does mean that you have a lot of information available when you need it. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

Call Tracking

Who is calling you, from what device, what is their name and phone number? What keyword did they search for to find you? What page did they land on? What page did they decide to call you from? What did they say? We record their conversation to review the call. Were they a quotable lead? Did they convert? What was the value of the sale?

Call tracking is one of the most powerful tools not only to understand the quality of leads based on source but also how the leads are handled when they come into your business. Is your staff asking the right questions? What type of interaction yields the best results?

Using call tracking is typically a game-changer for our clients in taking their businesses to the next level. Now one of the most used tools to access your business is no longer a mystery, but a learning resource for marketing and internal sales and customer service process.

Online Form Tracking

Not all leads want to pick up the phone. Whether they are busy, its after hours or whatever the situation a form submission can be the best type of lead if setup properly. We have hundreds of millions of dollars in sold client business to know what to ask on your form fields. If you ask they will tell, if they don’t they are not qualified, that simple. We ask pertinent questions to qualify a lead based on your requirements. This delivers the leads that are serious about a quote or purchase. In addition like call tracking, we are able to track the source of the lead, the keyword they were searching, website landing page and activity and more. This helps you and our team in developing audience profiles for each of your targeted markets.

Getting Serious

With a lot of visitor data and you know what’s driving your leads and sales. It’s time to take it to the next level and put some distance between you and your competitors. Let’s get into the fine-tuning.

Backlink Tracking

Backlinks are one of the core differentiators in who ranks number one. How you go about that can determine your fate in digital marketing.

Quality is key, but it isn’t easy. We have all heard that good things come with time and that’s our approach. Reach out to key influencers and publications in your industry and get honest articles and links to build authority. Why track this? Because your competitors don’t want you to succeed and don’t always take the high road. Negative and low-quality backlinks done by competitors, bots, and directories can actually hurt your rankings. Catching them as they occur and disavowing these toxic links is key to gaining the edge in your industry.

Reputation Management

Considered a component of a ranking factor, reputation is not only important for ranking but in how people make decisions about engaging with your business for products or services.

Incorporating tools like ReviewMOXY you can track all reviews across the internet and hundreds of review site by pulling them into one convenient place. This allows you to quickly respond when a negative comment occurs.

It’s also advantageous to b proactive in your review capture by using these tools to request reviews by text, email, and your website.

Reporting will reveal a quick gauge on how you are doing and what sources are driving those reviews. A review feed can also be pulled in to your website to share your successes with other interested prospects.

Directory Tracking

Business directories are key in establishing your businesses trustworthiness to Google and other search engines. The business profile gives you the opportunity to list your business information like name, address, phone number (N.A.P), about us section, services and products as well as some images and videos on some sites.

It is important to track directory listings however as most directories scape the internet and add you automatically with information that can be wrong, or outdated. These automated listings usually have variations of your N.A.P. which then creates distrust of your business by search engines due to the inconsistencies.

Tracking these listings helps discover new ones and ensure the data is good or in the case of lower quality directories they can be requested to be removed or have them disavowed to protect your site reputation from damage.


Competitor Tracking

Competitors are one of the best sources of data related to your industry and the rankings you desire. If they are on the first page of Google and other search engines, there is a reason. This may be related to domain age, site structure, content, backlinks, social engagement, reviews, schema markup and more.

By establishing reporting on all these factors in addition to their ranking for keywords you are targeting you can derive strategies to beat them. In addition by monitoring this on a daily basis and having alerts set up, you can catch new developments in their marketing efforts to combat it quickly before they gain momentum.

Featured Snippet
(Voice Search Tracking)

It is expected that voice search will be responsible for over 30 percent of all web searches by 2020. The voice search results are being delivered in most cases from the “Featured Snippet” or position zero in search results.

This form of search will become one of the most valuable places for your business to rank. Tracking these positions if critical in measuring your success as well as formulating strategies to rank in these positions.

Understanding what's driving your business.

Once you have developed your targeted audience so you are driving the right visitors to your website who are taking action, you need to know what is invoking that action. Is it a keyword, the ad text, the landing page, a video, a picture, a testimonial?

Knowing where your visitors are coming from and what’s driving them to action will put your business and its success light years ahead of a typical company. Let’s explore the tracking that delivers these answers.

At the end of the day, the most important thing for us is providing the information you need about your marketing success in a way that you are comfortable with. Any way you want to hear about it you can be sure we are geeking out in the background looking out for you and your business.

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