About us:

We are a team of dedicated technology and data-savvy individuals focused on harnessing data to drive leads and sales to our customers while delivering measurable R.O.I. for their marketing budgets. We like to develop our solutions from the inside out, concentrating on delivering a user-friendly experience, while methodically measuring and capturing data to drive sales.  Then, we tie it all together with a stunning graphic design, delivering a memorable Brand Experience.

Our History:

conversionMOXY Winston Salem OfficeconversionMOXY founder, CEO and career entrepreneur, John Van Schaik, has been at the cutting edge of brand building since the early ’90s. During that time, he founded and led an international company that developed in-store marketing and merchandising solutions for well-known companies, such as Starbucks, AT&T, Jamba Juice, Coca-Cola, Nike, Carnival Cruise Lines, American Eagle Outfitters, Costco and General Mills. In the years that followed, he observed business trends and began searching for his next big project.

He saw a need to deliver digital marketing products that worked together to provide real results and R.O.I.  As with his previous solutions, he set out to build a firm that could provide all the marketing services a business requires, without using countless vendors, systems that don’t work well together and the inevitable blame game that always emerges.

Social Moxy was developed to leverage analytic technology, in order to understand exactly what is being achieved by a client’s digital marketing presence. We then find and refine the perfect demographic, learn how those selected consumers interact with the client’s brand and how to convert them into sales.  That information is shared with our clients in a clear monthly report and review meeting, as well as on a real-time client “Dashboard” for conversion measurement. This enables our clients to make effective business decisions based on hard facts and eliminates guesswork.

We tirelessly explore and develop new technologies that improve the R.O.I. of our clients’ marketing budgets. We are focused on developing long-term marketing partnerships with emerging brands and are proud to be the go-to source for ‘The Next Thing,” according to many of our clients.

We have recently updated our name to conversionMOXY from SocialMoxy to better reflect our core business of driving leads and sales to your business.

In Memoriam


October 3, 1964 – January 8, 2021, Founder/CEO/President

Founder and heart and soul of conversionMOXY, John was eternally focused on perfecting outcomes for his clients. With a brilliant mind and unparalleled work ethic, he built our company into what it is today. His ability to uncover innovative methods and share the gift of knowledge with our staff and clients was uncanny. Rarely, did anyone leave a conversation with John without learning something new. More importantly, they always departed with the gift of his wit and his steady smile.

No one can replace John. However, we can honor him by carrying on and holding the business he built to the high standards that he set.

His entrepreneurial and gentle spirit remain with us as we move forward in this honor. We will miss him profoundly.

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