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Exit Intent Marketing

Does your website have a low conversion rate for leads? Are you trying to increase leads? Establishing a good retargeting strategy is key to high conversion rates. Exit Intent Marketing is one of the best ways to convert traffic that is leaving your site into real prospects!  We have clients converting 2-5% of exiting traffic using this technology, and closing up to 30% of those leads!

What is It?

Exit Intent Marketing is the use of pop-ups that appear when a visitor is leaving a site, (Yes, those annoying things).  But, it works when done correctly, and does not need to be a bad experience for the user.  In most cases, a website visitor is in “Investigating Mode,” just trying to find out what their options are.  They go from one site to another, browsing, with no allegiance to a site.  That’s where exit intent comes in.  When a user clicks to leave or completes any other series of actions you choose to qualify them, the pop-up is triggered.

Typically, this is an offer such as a special price or a fixed amount off of a product or service.  Two options are given, such as, “Yes, I would love X amount off,” or “No, I’m not interested in saving money.” (Snarky text works here.)  When they click to get the offer, they are directed to a form to capture their contact information and position in the lead funnel, such as “Just Browsing,” “Need an Estimate,” “Ready to Purchase,” “Looking for Finance Options,” etc.

Different offers can be shown based on criteria such as whether they have been to the site before, whether they have taken advantage of an offer previously, or, the offer can be matched to the product or service they are viewing.

The same process can be used to capture e-mail list sign-ups to build your audience.

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Much like Exit Intent Marketing, Retargeting is focused on people leaving your website.  But unlike exit intent, which relies on a visitor to take an action, in order for you to gain access to market to them, retargeting does not.  Retargeting works by the use of a tracking cookie that allows our software to “follow” the user around the internet with a relevant display advertisement based on what they viewed while visiting your website.

The ads are shown on any site that supports display advertising on the internet (our system has access to ninety-eight percent of the world’s inventory of ad space, through our ad-exchange partners). The ads can also have rules applied to them, such as where they appear on web pages, how many times they appear to a viewer in a day, the geographic area they display in, what time of day they appear, and more.

We can then track the leads or sales that come back to your website from the ads, establishing a conversion rate and your R.O.I. (Return on Investment) value.

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