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Choosing the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company can determine your business’ success or failure. If your prospective customers can’t find you, they can’t buy from you.

MOXYSEO delivers results with advanced technology—we invest and use the same tools that are used by FedEX, REI, TicketMaster, Angie’s List, Panasonic and more to get top results. We use big data to make the decisions on your content, keywords, prime URLs for search and more.

We don’t guess what will work for your business, we base our strategy on real data for your market and from your top competitors’ market intelligence. That’s the way our customers don’t just get a listing on the first page of search results, but in some cases have the entire page.

John Van Schaik-Founder-Social Moxy

The ROI of SEO

Today your marketing dollars are tighter than ever. They need to work for you and deliver a return on investment.

CTR (Click-Through Rate)

According to a Group M and Nielson study, 94 percent of search visitors clicked on organic links vs. 6% on paid search. This makes your first page ranking even more critical when you consider the click-through rate by position. This, of course, varies by business vertical.

According to Optify’s findings, these are the CTRs by position:

Conversion Rate of SEO

The true measure of SEO however, is conversion of the traffic driven to your site in the form of calls, requests for information, pricing, demos or actual purchases in the case of e-commerce. SEO traffic highly outperforms the industry averages for PPC (Pay-Per-Click), which is about 7%, Social Media is about 4% and Outbound Marketing is approximately 2%, according to Hubspot.

Ask us to take a look at your SEO today and we will deliver a full report on your rankings and site issues, along with personal walk-through of the information.


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