Social Media Management Services

We provide b2b and b2c Social Media solutions

Our professionals manage posts to your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn profiles depending on what social media properties make sense for your type of business. We have Social Media Management packages for all types of businesses, including b2c (Business to Consumer) and b2b (Business to Business) clients. We leverage the social media practices, technology and reporting to make your campaigns successful.

We also offer initial setup and branding for those who prefer handling the day-to-day management internally.

Benefits of Social Media Management for Business

The value of social media management goes further than direct traffic or sales from social media. Your social media engagement is a factor in your company’s overall website rankings and should be treated as such. Depending on your industry, there are various approaches to social media management. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, if they are not good prospects. We focus on “Good Prospects.”

Increase Exposure- Social Media is a great way to get your brand in front of prospects that are “like your existing customers.” Making your brand, products and services easy to share by your existing customers with like-minded individuals drives sales. We also can target new prospects using the “Persona Profile” of these existing clients within targeted geographic areas.
Increase Traffic- By utilizing a well-thought-out social media campaign with original content, relevant call-to actions and well-targeted ads, social media can drive well-qualified traffic to your website.

Develop Loyal Fans- Becoming a valuable resource to customers and prospects alike, will build your sales funnel incrementally. Trust is a driving force, obviously, in a person’s decision process. By focusing a large percentage of your content on becoming a source of information for your industry, you gain trust of prospects and build brand advocates with your existing customers, who will drive new clients to you through referrals.

Provide Marketplace Insight- Due to the amount of information individuals share on their social media platforms, social media is one of the best resources for uncovering detailed demographic profiles of customers and prospects engaging with your brand. Our detailed reporting reveals this information, which can be utilized to refine your web presence and conventional marketing channel promotions and targeting.

Generate Leads- Concentrating on building “The Right Audience” is key to driving leads. Here is where the quality vs. quantity adage comes into play. By building an audience that has a high interest in your industry, products and services, you will increase your conversion rates for leads and sales. This is one of ConversionMOXY’s core focus points. Your social media presence is one component of your web presence management strategy. By using it for its strengths, in conjunction with your onsite strategies, it can be very valuable in your sales lead process.


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