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​Raleigh Web Design – 7 Key Elements of Good Design

Pretty much every business knows it needs a website. But, often companies cut corners with web development in an attempt to save money. While this may reduce expenses in the short-term, cheap web design will end up costing a business a lot. Therefore, an expert Raleigh web design company is worth every dollar, because it will focus on these vital areas:


Having poor navigation on a website is the fastest way to lose potential customers. Today, people have to find what they are looking for quickly and easily or they will look elsewhere.


A cluttered website is another big turnoff. Of course, you may have a lot of content you want to show, but it has to be correctly spaced and organized. Also, this means better utilization of white space.


Page loading speed may not seem like a design element, but it is. In fact, slow websites often have poor design. Images need optimization to appear the right size and files need compression.


This is another often-overlooked element in web design, but it is an important one. Using consistent layouts, colors, and fonts will enhance user experience as well as your business branding.


Text is still a necessary component of any website. But, in order to attract and keep someone’s attention, visuals are critical. These include striking images, video and animations, and interesting graphics.


It wasn’t too long ago that most people used their desktop or laptop when perusing the internet. That has changed dramatically in recent years. Now, you need to assume if someone is on your website, they’re looking at it from a smartphone or tablet. That said, your site has to be able to work efficiently and quickly on any mobile device. Additionally, sites must be mobile-responsive in order to comply with Google search algorithms.


Also, a strong website not only looks good, but it shows up on the first page in online searches so people will find it. To accomplish this, it is important to follow SEO principles. These include utilizing keywords and keeping content fresh.

Expert Raleigh web design from conversionMOXY

So, if you need any of the above areas addressed for your site, conversionMOXY can help. We can also build you a site from scratch. We offer a full range of custom Raleigh web design solutions. We’ll get people to your site and then give them an excellent experience once they are there. Having a website alone, isn’t enough! You must interact with visitors, keep their interest and convert them to customers.

You can learn more about what makes for quality web design by watching this short video. For any questions, please contact us. At conversionMOXY, our goal is to increase your profit!