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​Ecommerce Web Design – What You Need to Know

With so much content on the internet, it can be extremely difficult getting people to see yours. And then, if you do get them to your site, keeping them there is another challenge. This is where ecommerce web design comes in. With a good design, you can catch the attention of visitors and create a great first impression. Plus, this will encourage them to stay for a while to see what you offer.

The key elements of ecommerce web design

In order for your site to stand out, there are certain components it needs to have, including:

Great images

Text is important, but to snag someone’s interest, you have to concentrate on visuals. Having beautiful pictures of your products can be an excellent enticement.

Easy navigation

The design of a website has to have the user in mind. If someone can’t find what they are looking for, they will not stay for very long.


These days, most people do not sit at a computer to go online. In many cases, they use a tablet or phone when accessing the internet. This means that mobile optimization is vital for a website. If it isn’t, someone will just go to one that is mobile-responsive.

Good checkout experience

When a customer decides to buy a product from you, the checkout process has to be quick and easy. If it takes a while, it is very possible you will lose sales.

Strong calls to action

The whole point of an ecommerce website is to sell your products or services. With the right calls to action in strategic places, they can convince people to buy.

Let conversion MOXY design your ecommerce site

Every company is different, which is why each needs its own distinct website. At conversion MOXY, we can create a customized ecommerce web design for your business. In addition to looking great, it will also address SEO, PPC, and other key areas. To start on your new site, contact us.