​Geo Fencing can Boost your Marketing & Advertising

Are you looking for a new way to market your products or services? Perhaps you need a new way to get people through your door? On the other hand, maybe you need a new way to entice individuals to try out your restaurant? Then geo fencing is for you.

This is a new lead-generating technique and marketing tool. When you need a fresh way to gain new customers, this is the system to try.

What is Geo Fencing actually?

Geo fencing is a service that uses location to trigger a certain action when a device is near or enters a set border. These devices are typically smartphones. Smartphones have location apps running on them through GPS, Wi-Fi, RFID or cellular data. The apps activate when they enter the geo fence perimeter you establish. For more information about this service, read this recent blog.

How Can It Help your Business?

You can set up creative ways of attracting new and loyal customers to your establishment. With this virtual border, individuals receive notifications when they are near you or your competitor. Then you can entice them to come to your business with one of these ideas.

  • Sale Alerts – Send out ads for flash sales, new customer discounts or BOGOs.
  • Special Coupons- Coupons only good for the next few hours, earn loyalty rewards or receive a gift when you bring a friend.
  • Event Notification – Alerts when there are upcoming parties, tickets on sale, or new inventory arrivals.
  • Engaging Messages – Picture of lunch menu or offering a chance to enter in a special drawing today only.

Why Choose conversionMOXY?

The conversionMOXY team is on the cutting edge of all the newest marketing and advertising services. Their goal is to use tried and new techniques to increase a business’ client list and sales numbers. They have a significant list of pleased past and current clients.

Services for this tool that conversionMOXY uses:

  • Geo-location targeting is using location to target a certain demographic. You can customize your target audiences that enter your set border. Plus, you can choose what type of advertisement you want to send them.
  • Micro-targeting works along with geo-location. This tool uses data from credit card companies and social media sites. With this information, you can send graphic advertisements to your specified target audience. It’s a great way to attract new customers that haven’t visited your website or location.

Examples of this tool in full use:

  • View the work done for the client Peters Auto Mall (look under automotive – Peters Auto Mall). The location-directed services have increased their walk-in numbers and sales!
  • conversionMOXY’s knowledge on this service is in this flip book they designed. The flip book describes in detail how this service can help the home improvement industry.

Geo fencing is a perfect choice for any business that feels their marketing and advertising techniques need refreshing. Call conversionMOXY today for experienced and up-to-date assistance and advice in this area.