What is Geo Fencing – A Revolution in Lead Generation!

If you’ve been investigating your options in digital marketing, you’ve probably heard the term “geo fencing” come up. So maybe you’ve got some questions. You surely wonder, what is geo fencing and how can it help my business? Why has it sparked so much interest in the digital marketing community? How can it help grow a business through lead generation and ad targeting?

Let’s explore some of these questions and find out how conversionMOXY puts this tool to work for its clients.

What is Geo Fencing – The Basics

  • Geo fencing is a digital mobile advertising technique that explicitly targets ads to people in specific geographic areas.
  • Using geo fencing software, an advertiser draws a digital “fence” around the area they want to target.
  • Most people with smartphones have location services turned on in some of their apps, particularly social media. Using GPS or RFID, the app knows the potential customer’s location, and thus can see when they enter the “fence.”
  • Whenever someone enters the designated area, they receive ads on their mobile device that the advertiser has selected. For example, someone entering a sports stadium might get an ad encouraging them to have a post-game beer at a nearby bar. Customers at a taco shop see an ad for the ice cream parlor next door tempting them into dessert. The applications are endless!

Geo fencing is part of an effective and flexible strategy called Targeted Display Advertising. This strategy dictates that you shouldn’t have to wait for customers to find your business via a search engine. TDA turns your marketing strategy proactive. First, determine who your customer is, then serve them ads anywhere. It’s a win-win: consumers see ads that are more useful and relevant, and advertisers generate leads that produce new sales.

conversionMOXY’s Digital Toolbox

So, what is geo fencing after all? Many businesses have found that for them, it’s an essential tool for turbocharging their lead generation. conversionMOXY has experts specializing in working with geo fencing, re-targeting, exit intent marketing, and the complete range of digital marketing tools. No matter who the clients are — law firms, restaurants, car dealerships — conversionMOXY can develop a custom web presence solution.

Peters Auto Mall is one of conversionMOXY’s proudest success stories. We’ve helped this family business grow into the area’s premier used car dealership through our data-driven and results-oriented branding strategies. conversionMOXY provides the tools that have driven consistent sales growth and customer engagement:

  • Thorough analysis of customer demographics and trends, with content tailored for maximum engagement of target market
  • Social media presence management, including custom graphics and content
  • A complete search engine marketing suite from pay-per-click to re-targeting
  • Geo fencing and location-based advertising to proactively create leads

conversionMOXY’s solutions are driven by hard data and a firm understanding of our client’s customers and the goals for their business. Our passion is helping our clients compete by cutting through the noise to reach people where they are. To get started, call us today at 888-834-0340 or use our contact form.