benefit of Facebook

​What are some advantages of Facebook for a business?

It’s important for businesses to understand the advantages of Facebook business pages. Today there are 2 billion active users on Facebook. This makes it hard to ignore the social media giant.

Businesses now look to companies like conversionMOXY to help them take full advantage of what Facebook has to offer a business.

6 Advantages of Facebook for a Business

Gain Brand Loyalty

With the majority of people on social media, having a Facebook presence is a must. Potential clients want to work with a business that engages and interacts with them. This convinces clients to be loyal to your business because it shows you care about them. Lots of individuals get business suggestions and references through friends on Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook business page for them to direct people, then they probably won’t suggest you.

Low-cost marketing strategy

Marketing is an essential part of any business. It’s what helps get the word out about your business. Plus, it helps you gain exposure and clients. Facebook offers business marketing strategies at little or no cost. You have the potential to reach millions of people through Facebook. As long as you are actively using this medium, with posts, comments, contests, etc. For a small fee you can have your business ads run on the right-hand side of Facebook.

SEO Benefits

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of getting more traffic to your site from search results on search engines. The more online presence a business has the better they rank on search engines, like Google. ConversionMOXY can help you with all aspects of SEO and all advantages of Facebook business pages. An active Facebook page can increase your ranking in the search results on Google.

Customer Service

A business with a Facebook presence allows existing and potential clients to ask questions without calling. Today’s generations prefer talking via social media and other digital ways rather than having to make a phone call. Clients leaving comments and questions on your business’ Facebook page are helpful for others that have similar questions.

Facebook Insights

Insights is a free tool with Facebook business pages. This tool reports how many likes your page has, how many likes a post has received and how many people that post reached, and more helpful information. There really isn’t any other marketing medium that offers this much insight information. Plus, it’s free and user-friendly!

Target Audience & Leads

You can target your page ad to people interested in your page’s topic. For example, if you are a pet store owner you can target your ad to people that listed animals as an interest. Engaging with and liking other pages related to your page’s topic will help you reach people who may be interested in your business. Additionally, it will help you gain new leads. The more you engage on Facebook, the better your chances are for others to “Like” your page.