​What is SEO for Your Business?

Have you ever Googled your company or the items you sell? Did you show up on the first page? If not, then potential new customers will have difficulty finding you. This is why SEO is important. Yet, what is SEO and what does it mean exactly for your business?

What is SEO for Your Business?

SEO is search engine optimization. This term relates to where you rank on search engine sites, such as Google. Statistically, most people do not search beyond the first page of search engine results. Thus, where you rank on these sites is vital to potential clients finding your business.

Though you can pay for advertisements on search engine sites, statistics show that organic links get the most views. Organic links are the sites on which you do not pay to advertise. Again, this proves how important your SEO ranking is to your business.

You spend a great amount of time and money on your company’s website. The most important component of your site is the content. That is what truly determines your Google ranking. First, your content needs to meet specific SEO standards. Secondly, strategically-placed keywords help your ranking. SEO-trained professionals can best determine these keywords. These professionals know exactly how to research and find these individualized words and terms that are unique to your business.

Why Hire conversionMOXY for Help?

The conversionMOXY team performs extensive research to know exactly what popular, frequently-searched topics will bring customers to your site. There is no guessing to this technique! Extensive research is conducted to determine the key topics for your exact market. In addition, they will research your top competitors’ marketing techniques. All of this information enables them to determine which terms will best direct clients to your site.

Once they establish these terms, the professional writers will place them strategically in articles written to keep your website current. That is another of the many components that the search engines use to rank your site. Since the algorithms are constantly changing as to rules for rankings, only a professional can keep up with the changes. They must instruct the writers as to current rules to ensure that your content is in compliance. Content includes your website, social media sites and blogs. In turn, this assists your ranking on search engines and directs clients to your business’ site.

Today’s technology-driven society wants information, and they want it now! Hence, where you rank in search engines is imperative. That makes the question – What is SEO – important to your business. Call conversionMOXY today to speak to an SEO expert on how they can help your business.