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Finding a company online isn’t very difficult. First, you choose a search engine. Next, you simply type in a few descriptive words related to your search. Generally, within seconds, thousands of results appear. For example, typing Atlanta SEO company brings up about 10,900,000 links.

This staggering number raises three critical questions. One, which link should you choose? Two, how did conversionMOXY end up near the top of the list? And three, how can I ensure that my company ranks similarly?

Choosing the Best Atlanta SEO Company

Initially, it helps to understand how the whole process works to better answer those questions. For example, those ‘descriptive words’ are known as key phrases in the search engine world. Search engines, such as Google, use algorithms based on the words you typed. Then, they rank them in the order that they think is most relevant to your needs.

Most often, the companies ranked within the first few pages expertly use keyword optimization to be found. In fact, that’s why conversionMOXY showed up and led you to read these words. Pretty cool, right?

However, it’s not just cool. It’s actually a well-crafted technique that requires research and a talented SEO (search engine optimization) provider. Obviously, most folks aren’t going to scroll down to company 10,899,000. So, not only have we ensured that we didn’t place at the lists’ end, we were among your top search results. So, hopefully, that fact in itself just answered the first two questions!

Creating a Website

If your initial instinct is to build a website and “they will come,” it may sound like we’re getting ahead of your goal. However, if you are planning to build a site, it is imperative to consider getting found while in the design stage. You wouldn’t place a storefront on a lot in the middle of nowhere. Similarly, why create a fabulous website that no one can find?

Fortunately, conversionMOXY can do both website creation and SEO with three simple steps. Furthermore, if you already have a website, we can enhance it to attract potential customers.

1. Plan

In this stage, we study in depth your ideal target customer demographic and their online shopping habits. Next, our Atlanta SEO company audits your web presence and corrects issues affecting your ranking. Finally, we develop the backbone of your campaign—strategy.

2. Build

In this step, technicians optimize your site and create directory listings. As an added bonus, our ReviewMOXY platform monitors your online reviews. This enables your business to attract and distribute reviews across sites important to your local business.

3. Drive

Finally, we focus on establishing your brand as a trusted source. Included in this step are establishing quality backlinks and offsite content. Strategic venues include social and video platforms and guest blog posts.

Begin Your Conversion Today

Not only does custom website design get you found, it converts prospects to sales. Better yet, we can integrate sales data with your CRM system.

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