What is Web Presence and How can conversionMOXY Help?

What is web presence – according to Wikipedia: a location on the WWW where a person or business has a representation. This includes having a website, blog, profile page, a page on a review site or a social media presence. Specific web addresses help distinguish each web presence from others.

It has a slightly different meaning for a company that makes it their mission to give your business the best web presence possible. ConversionMOXY dedicates itself to creating a web presence for your business. They can achieve growth for your company by helping to increase sales, reach new customers, help keep existing customers and increase your SEO ranking. Watch this short video to better understand what is web presence for your business.

What is Web Presence and What Does It Look like for Your Business?

The specific need of web presence is different for every business. Yet, the fact that the more web presence you have the greater chances your business has to reach customers.

Some businesses only need a website and blog page. Other businesses need to also be on multiple social media sites to increase their web presence. The key is to reach people so they know your business is out there. It is also important for brand recognition. The more times a person sees your company name, the more they tend to think of you. When they are ready to purchase your product, your company is the first source that comes to mind.

How can conversionMOXY help with Web Presence?

ConversionMOXY first assesses what your business currently has in the terms of web presence. They look at how many people are viewing your site and pages. Plus, they review how these individuals are accessing your sites, whether through personal computers, smartphones, etc.

Then they discuss your business goals and needs with you. By doing this, they can optimize your website to best meet those goals and needs. Secondly, they will help your SEO optimization. They do this by figuring out which keywords help people to search for your business. Knowing this information can help them improve your ranking on online search engines.

ConversionMOXY can also set up PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. This can get you more views on search engines. Plus, they can track and measure what is and is not working in the campaigns. Best of all, they can stop and start these campaigns whenever you want.

Finally, conversionMOXY can help you sign up for, or become more active on, social media. They can help create posts that will draw potential consumers to your site. Don’t worry about having to have a presence on all social media sites. You will pursue only the social media sites that can help your unique business.

What is web presence – a great question to ask if you feel your business is not reaching potential clients and customers. ConversionMOXY has the experience and knowledge to help your business improve its web presence.