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Web Presence Management

What is Web Presence Management?

We leverage the most sophisticated software in the industry, combined with highly motivated, bright minds, to create a digital engine that drives leads, sales and customer loyalty.

We combine tools such as web, mobile, social media, content marketing, SEO, SEM, retargeting, micro-targeting, exit intent, loyalty, e-mail marketing, reviews and more to create a unified marketing platform that can be refined and measured.

What Makes MOXY Different?

Market Intelligence: Using our cutting-edge tools, we analyze your market and competitors more thoroughly than other agencies. We find the traffic to fill your sales funnel and analyze how your competitors are driving their traffic.  We find the competitors’ advantage by researching which geographical locations, search terms, and demographics are giving them the web traffic that YOU want. Then, we look at what they missed…determining market intelligence that we can leverage for your brand.  This information is used to craft your Web Presence Management strategy.

Once implemented, we deliver clear, concise monthly reporting on your performance and competitors’ performance, so that you can build informed growth strategies.  In addition, our team meets with you in person or virtually to review the month’s progress and to craft the following month’s strategies.

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