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What is SGE? ConversionMOXY Has The Answer!

While Artificial intelligence (AI) might seem like it’s new at least to search engines, according to Google it’s been under the hood for them for years now. It’s how they have propelled their search engine to the top and found ways to give the best search results to users. Today, another new technology is at the forefront in this industry, Search Generative Experience (SGE). But what is SGE you might ask?

Luckily, conversionMOXY has all the answers and information on SGE for you in our latest blog. We want to be sure you fully understand the advances in search engine experiences, including SGE, to fully understand how to market your business online.

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What is SGE? 

This is a great question and way to start this topic. This was something started by Google, Google Labs to be specific, to utilize AI for more personalized search results. Their hope is that it also provides a more holistic understanding of a search topic.

When you’ve searched for something recently have you noticed at the very top a pinkish hue with “AI Overview” above some information? Well, that’s SGE.

Are There Benefits to SGE?

As with any technology, of course there are benefits to its use. A few advantages include:

  • Easier to follow up on a search query
  • More refined and personalized searches
  • Better qualified and relevant ads to search queries
  • Creativity in continuing a search journey
  • Image generation
  • Better user experience

As a Marketing Agency, How Do You Factor Generative AI into Your Design and SEO Strategy?

At conversionMOXY, we already know that Google is enabling greater personalization into search results. In fact, they’ve been doing it for a while. This is why we don’t write generic blogs. Moreover, we offer website design with SEO strategies in mind as well.

A few of our strategies include:

  • Writing high-quality content and creating trust by demonstrating expertise on a subject
  • Writing specific blogs, tailored to certain audiences (and their preferences) when needed
  • Recognizing and providing answers to a user’s search intent
  • Writing natural flowing dialogue rather than stunted information that seems as if it came from AI (this includes using humor where appropriate and certain euphemisms and metaphors as AI does not yet understand that)

Furthermore, we never use AI to create content. Our writers only use it to spark ideas, but never to write an article with it. Google will eventually be able to tell what AI wrote and what it didn’t. Likely, they will penalize content and URLs that use AI to write content. Likewise, none of the writers have an interest in using AI to write because they feel it takes away from their writing’s honesty, integrity, and ‘human touch’.

Concerns With SGE

AI is still often wrong. Thus, Google does not have a high trust level in its results.

Another concern is no-click engagements (because users interact with chatbots within Google’s ecosystem) which could decrease website traffic. To mitigate this, we strive to create engaging meta descriptions with encouraging calls to action. We also use engaging imagery properly tagged with meta titles.

Specifically referencing SGE, this may hurt SEO companies that produced generic blogs that were stuffed with keywords and negative backlinks. Even before Google started penalizing this, we researched the rating of websites that link to our clients’ pages and removed them if they had detrimental ratings. Likewise, we do not use keyword stuffing as a strategy. Plus, we use long-tail keywords which has been our strategy all along. We also research keyword difficulty and ensure the keywords we go after align with the business goals.

Frequently Asked SGE Questions

Still have more questions on SGE? Then keep reading our FAQ section below. Or give us a call at 800-849-5642 with any questions. We are here to help you navigate this complex digital world!

How Can conversionMOXY Help?

We provide custom written blogs with carefully selected keywords. Additionally, we use this same writing process with our web design clients when writing their webpage. We always take Google, search engines, and SGE into account with our services!

What Ways Do Your Blogs Align with SGE?

We focus on depth and breadth of information in our blogs as opposed to factory-, cookie-cutter style quantity. Google sees our blogs as unique, rich content that matches the search terms well.

Additionally, we include FAQs at the end of each of our blogs. The common thought at this point is that the natural Q&A dialogue may also trigger Google to show the results in the SGE format.

Our expert team fully understands what is SGE and it shows through our writing and services.

How Much Do Your SEO Services Cost?

We provide custom quotes and services for each client as they all have unique needs and businesses. Therefore, we do not have one set price for our services, including SEO. Once you contact us for a consultation, we will discuss those needs and your business. From there we will create a custom quote for the SEO services your business needs most.

Let conversionMOXY Help

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