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Everything You Need to Know to Hire a Blog Writer

Is your business looking to hire a blog writer to grow your digital reach? If yes, then you are in the right place! Our experienced content marketing team at conversionMOXY has the skills and knowledge to help with all your blogging needs.

If you aren’t sure where to begin when looking for a blog writer, then our latest blog below shares everything you need to know. From what to ask a potential blog writer to why you even need a blog writer, we’ve laid it all out for you!

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Four Questions to Ask When You Hire a Blog Writer

Just as you would when you hire any agency or freelancer, it’s important to consider a few factors prior to deciding to hire them. Below is a list of questions to ask an agency or individual when looking to bring them on to write your blogs. These go beyond the basic how much do you charge so you know you are hiring someone with real blogging experience.

  1. Do you have Search Engine Optimization writing experience?
  2. Will you determine the keywords and topics for blogs?
  3. What blogging experience do you have? Is it within my industry?
  4. Do you provide meta data with your blogs?

These are merely a few questions to ask anytime you are considering hiring a professional blogger or content marketing agency. Still on the fence about if you should write blogs yourself or hire a blog writer? Then, read on to find out the value of this role.

Value of Hiring a Professional Blogging Team

If some of those questions above look like a foreign language to you, then that is your first sign you should hire a professional blogger. In addition to having writing experience, a good blogging team also needs search engine optimization (SEO) writing experience.

Power of SEO

Did you know Google alone processes well over 8.5 billion searches every single day? That’s a lot of searches! To sort out that data for people and provide the most relevant searches, they utilize algorithms. That is where SEO comes in. The main purpose of SEO writing is to create content that ranks well on the algorithms to get that content in the coveted top spots on Google searches.

Writing Skills Are Earned

While it may be true any person can write, that certainly does not mean any person can write well. Google looks for well-written and structured blogs. Then, they rank the sites having those necessities higher in their algorithms. Writing is a craft just like any other. Professional bloggers take years to hone their skill set as any other expert in their field does. Therefore, it’s worth your while to hire a blog writer rather than trying to learn years of skills all by yourself.

Time is Money

Finally, writing blogs takes time. If you are like most business owners and entrepreneurs, time is your most valuable asset. You should utilize your time in a way that is most beneficial to your business and its growth. Often, that is not doing work, such as blogging, that is easily and best outsourced to an expert.

Benefits of Selecting conversionMOXY

At conversionMOXY, we have a full team of experienced writers who are extremely knowledgeable of the numerous SEO writing needs. They also have experience writing about a vast assortment of industries.

Additionally, we are a full-service content marketing company as well. That means we not only write the blog but provide everything you need for each one from start to finish. This includes:

  • Determining keywords for each blog with the latest software programs
  • Write fully optimized blogs
  • Create and provide all meta data
  • Upload content into WordPress or your website platform
  • Provide analytics on the blogs we’ve written for your business

As you’ll see above we mentioned we provide fully optimized blogs and all meta data. This is crucial in SEO writing. What does that entail though?

Fully Optimized Blogs

Furthermore, at conversionMOXY we provide fully optimized blogs that rank well on Google. Below are a few optimization factors we utilize:

  • SEO-friendly content that incorporates good readability
  • Include internal and external links
  • Provide relevant meta data, including:
    • Alt tags on all images
    • Page slugs
    • Meta descriptions
    • SEO Page titles
    • Keywords and keyphrases

Frequently Asked Questions SEO Blogging

Below, we answer some commonly asked questions when we sit down with clients who are interested in hiring us for our blogging and SEO writing services. Still have questions or ready to hire a team that will provide you high quality, optimized content? Then, call us at 800-849-5642!

How much does your blogging services cost?

At conversionMOXY, we understand and appreciate each business is unique. Their blogging needs are also unique. That is why we offer custom services and pricing. The cost of our blogging services is dependent on several factors, such as:

  • Number of blogs needed each month
  • If it includes uploading into your website platform
  • Whether or not you utilize any of our other marketing services

Once we discuss your blogging and marketing needs, we will provide you with a detailed, no-obligation cost estimate of our services.

Do you have examples of your blogging services?

Yes! We have an extensive range of blogging experience thanks to our carefully curated writing team. Below are a few sites we regularly blog for so you can see some of our work.

If you want to see specific examples or other industries, then we are happy to provide those. Simply, ask for them when you give us a call!

How many blogs do I need each month?

This varies a bit depending on your business and SEO goals. The more blogs a month you have the easier it is to start ranking well on Google. It also depends on your budget for this service. During our consultations we go over your budget, writing needs, and business growth goals to help you set an amount of blogs per month that works best for your business.

Get the Blogs You Need for Your Business from conversionMOXY!

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