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Are you looking for ways to advertise your business? Do you want to grow your business? Are you wondering how much are Google ads? If you answered yes to these questions, then this is the blog for you!

At conversionMOXY, our team has extensive experience in advertising, including Google advertising. In our blog below, we share all things Google ads. From Google ads pricing to what is Google Adwords, you’ll find those and more answers in this latest MOXY blog.

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What is Google Advertising?

If you’ve been in business and dealt with online advertising on any level, then you likely have heard Google Adwords over the years. But you might not be familiar with what it is. Plus, they rebranded to Google Ads so you could be wondering if that’s the same thing or a new advertising option. Don’t worry, we’ve got answers for you on this marketing topic.

On October 23, 2000, Google completely revolutionized marketing and advertising when they launched Google Adwords. This was the first ever self-serve online advertising platform. Prior to this, ads had to be completed through an advertising platform or were only print ad options. However, Google Adwords changed that all.

It allowed businesses to create, maintain, and run their ads. Best of all, everything was pay-per-click. The days of paying for ads that might not be seen or used began fading away. It puts marketers and business owners in complete control of their advertising. As you can imagine, it quickly took off and continues to dominate the online advertising options.

On July 24th, 2018, Google Adwords rebranded to the name Google Ads and that’s what it is still known as today. It remains an advertising option where you can place ads on Google search phrases.

Why Should I Advertise with Google?

The answer to this is simple, look at the numbers. Below are some statistics that show you online advertising, with Google ads in particular as the place to present your business to prospective customers.

  • Experts predict digital buyers to reach 83 million people this year.
  • By 2028, digital buyers are expected to reach 63 million.
  • Google alone processes 99,000 search queries each second across the world, which equals approximately 8.5 billion daily searches and 2 trillion searches annually.
  • In fact, of all the online searches globally, 26% of them are on Google.
  • Of those many people searching on Google, over 63% of them have clicked on Google Ads.

So, based on the statistics alone Google, and in particular Google ads, is the place to be to advertise your business.

How Much are Google Ads?

Now, onto one important factor for every business owner – money. Of course, you’ve likely set or are working on setting an advertising budget. One of the best things about Google Ads is you control exactly how much you spend.

Unlike traditional advertising where you must pay the fees and ad prices they set, with Google Ads you only pay what amount you set as your daily or monthly budget. Additionally, you only pay-per-click if that is how you set your campaign. So, you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad, not every time it shows in the search results.

How much a key phrase costs is dependent on multiple factors. While we don’t know for sure Google’s exact formula on determining that cost, below are some of the suspected variables that play into it.

  • Number of search queries for that key phrase
  • Different variations of that key phrase
  • Current amount of bidders on the key phrase
  • Top bid amounts for the key phrase at that moment

Therefore, to answer the question, how much are Google ads? It’s up to you and your budget. Whether you want to spend $100 or $1,000 a month, you truly select your total spend amount.

When Should I Run Google Ad Campaigns?

There are many reasons to run a Google Ad campaign, so knowing that first helps determine when you should run ads on Google search. Why are you considering Google ads? Ask yourself if it’s for one – or more – of the reasons below.

  • Grow your business and customer base
  • Keep up with competitors
  • Build brand awareness
  • Stay front of mind with current customers

There is no right or wrong answer to any of the questions above. It is solely dependent on your unique marketing and advertising needs.

How is conversionMOXY Able to Help with My Google Advertising?

As a full-service marketing agency, we have the knowledge and capabilities to completely run every aspect of your Google Ads campaigns. Below are tasks we commonly do for our advertising clients:

  • Help set budget
  • Create ad content
  • Establish ad campaigns
  • Set up Google Ads
  • Determine keywords
  • Provide analytics & reports

From that initial conversation on your Google advertising needs to providing a report on how your ads are performing, we will fully run your ad campaigns.

What Other Marketing Services Does conversionMOXY Offer?

In addition to our Google Ads services, we offer many other marketing services. Some of these services are:

Whatever your marketing needs are our expert team will help you!

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