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Do you own a business and wonder how to design a website that will attract new customers? Then, this blog is for you! Website design is a complex task as it entails so many aspects. Our expert team at conversionMOXY understands all the ins and outs of building a beautiful, user-friendly, and fully optimized website.

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Website Design – To Build or Not to Build Yourself

There are so many hosting platforms and apps that boast how easy it is to build a website. When you search the phrase, how to design a website, an abundance of those will pop up. It might be tempting to think you can easily use a template and create your own website. However, don’t fall victim to that marketing fail.

Websites are complex digital creatures so to speak, so you should treat them as such. Below are four pieces of knowledge that are necessary to build the best website.

Four Pieces of Knowledge Needed for Website Design

  • Basic understanding of HTML code
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge – both technical and writing
  • General understanding of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)
  • Decent writing skills


While you might not need to understand extensive coding to design and build a website, you do need to have a basic understanding. The reason is if something breaks or doesn’t look right on the site, then you’ll most likely need to view and edit the code. For example, if you have an issue with spacing on a webpage, then you might need to go into the code and insert a line break.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Even if you can design a beautiful website on your own, it won’t help much if it’s not ranking well on Google. That is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes into play. This includes conducting on-site optimization, such as, utilizing the right plug ins and writing with SEO in mind. If you do not have basic SEO knowledge, then it will be next to impossible to create a well-optimized website.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

If you have never heard the terms above, then it’s a sure sign you should not be designing a website! When a user visits your website, it is vital that it is easy for them to use and that they encounter no problems. That is the basic concept behind UI and UX. User interface or UI deals with the actual interaction between a user and their computer systems, software programs, and applications. Whereas user experience or UX is about their overall experience on the website.

Writing Skills

While the actual design is a vital part of building a website, the content on it is equally important. The look of the site is what attracts someone to the site, but the content is what keeps them there and engaged in learning about your brand and products or services.

Did the above sound like Greek to you? Then, you should strongly consider hiring a professional website design team! Don’t worry – conversionMOXY is just that team!

ConversionMOXY Will Ensure Your Website Shines

At conversionMOXY, we understand those four website design components above in-depth. If you select our team, then you can rest assured you’ll have a website that shines. We will pull out all the stops to ensure you have a website you and your customers will love.

Frequently Asked Questions on Website Design

Do you still have questions about designing and building a website? Then, be sure to read our FAQ section below. Ready to hire a professional now or have more specific questions? Then, simply give us a call at 800-849-5642 and we are happy to assist you in all your marketing efforts.

How much do website design services cost?

At conversionMOXY, we do not have one set cost as we completely customize all our services to meet each client’s unique needs. When you have your consultation, we will discuss everything about your business from target audience to your budget. From there, we will create a custom, no-obligation quote for the services you need.

Some factors that impact website design cost:

  • Number of webpages needed
  • Graphics and photography needed
  • Unique tools needed, such as, if you want to sell products on your website

Do you have examples of your website design work?

Yes! We’ve designed a large assortment of websites and have experience in all types of websites. Here is one website we build that incorporates multiple locations. Here is another website we built that includes copy and photos that are all from our team.

How long does it take to build a website?

Like cost there is no one set answer for this. The same bullets listed under cost will impact how long it takes to build your website. Once you hire us, we will give you a more in-depth timeline with expected completion dates.

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Don’t waste anymore time searching online for how to design a website. Hire conversionMOXY to build a stunning, user-friendly, and 100% optimized website. Our websites are excellent at attracting new customers and retaining current ones. Call us today at 800-849-5642 to begin your new website.

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