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Are you on Google searching for the best social media for restaurants to increase your customer base? Stop wasting your precious time on lengthy searches and choose a social media marketing agency that knows what they are doing.

When you hire our experienced team at conversionMOXY, you can rest assured that your social media strategy is in good hands. Below, we detail some of the basics on social media marketing, from incorporating it into your marketing plan to advertising on various platforms.

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Read on to learn more about social media for restaurants.

Best Social Media for Restaurants – Everything You Need to Know!

When you dive into the world of social media, there are plenty of things you need to know before launching and managing your own. The top three pieces you need to decide as part of your overall marketing plan when it comes to social media are:

  1. Using an agency or running social yourself
  2. Social media platforms to have a presence on
  3. If using an agency, select a trustworthy and knowledgeable company

Why Hire a Professional Social Media Marketing Agency?

First, we want to discuss why it’s important to hire an experienced agency.

Social media is a complex world in the marketing industry. It might seem easy to ask, ‘well I have Facebook or Instagram so can’t I just do my restaurant’s social media?’. However, it’s not as easy as that.

To have social media that works well, as in brings in new customers, you need to understand it intensely and know all the latest restrictions. Not to mention it’s extremely time consuming. As a business owner, time is your most valuable asset so wouldn’t you rather be spending that time doing those things only you are qualified for?

What Social Media Platform Should My Restaurant Be On?

This is a tricky question. The answer is truly unique to every business. That is because each social media platform has its own audience and user base. For example, more women are on Instagram & Facebook and more men are on Twitter.

Additionally, each social media platform has unique benefits. Facebook is the largest social media site as it has 2.85 billion users globally. Whereas TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media sites. It increased its users by 100% from 2020 to 2022!

How Can conversionMOXY Help My Restaurant?

Here are some ways conversionMOXY can help your restaurant with social media marketing:

  • Select social media platforms that matches up with your target audience
  • Set up stellar social media profiles that check all the boxes and help with your search engine optimization
  • Create social media campaigns that tie in seamlessly with your marketing plan
  • Design eye grabbing graphics to utilize on social media
  • Put together a comprehensive content calendar for all your social media platforms
  • Deal with the tedious time-consuming management of all your social media profiles
  • Keep your pages and profiles current with all the latest rules and ensure your Facebook page or posts do not get blacklisted
  • Handle all engagement from responding to comments and messages to dealing with reviews
  • Analyze insights and re-evaluate and adjust campaigns as necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

We covered a lot of information above on the best social media for restaurants, but you might still have some questions. Don’t fret and check out our frequently asked questions sections below. Or, we are happy to answers your questions if you give us a call at 800-849-5642.

What experience does conversionMOXY have with social media marketing?

At conversionMOXY we have tons of experience running social media sites for our clients. Below are Facebook pages of a few of our social media marketing clients.

Click each of the links above to see what our skilled team is capable of when it comes to social media.

How much will it cost to run my restaurant’s social media accounts?

At conversionMOXY, we customize everything to each client’s unique marketing and social media needs. Below are some variables that impact social media marketing pricing:

  • Number of posts desired per week or month
  • If need to set up social media platforms
  • Frequency of graphics designed
  • Time spent managing platforms

After our initial consultation where we discuss your needs and budget we will provide you a no-obligation, free cost estimate. This estimate provides a better view of what our services will cost.

Will you provide me with analytics of my social media accounts?

Yes! We pull reports regularly that we provide to our clients with how each social media account is doing. This way you can see exactly how your investment of hiring a social media agency is going.

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