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The Winston Salem Web Design Team That You Need

The internet has become an invaluable tool for consumers to research companies before making a purchase. With over 2 billion websites, customers expect to find your business online. If you don’t have a website, you could be losing customers. But website design isn’t as easy as those commercials make it look. You need an experienced web designer to build a beautiful, functional, and responsive website. More than that, you need SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing, and a social media presence. There is no point in having a website, if no one can find it! When you’re looking for a Winston Salem web design company to manage your entire online presence, choose conversionMOXY.

We’re a full-service marketing agency handling both traditional and digital marketing. Since 2011, we’ve been designing stunning and functional websites. But we also handle SEO services, content marketing, and social media posts, as well as traditional forms of advertising.

In order to attract visitors to your site and to convert them to customers, there is a lot of planning that must take place in the creation of your site. In order for search engines to find your site, it must meet a long list of criteria. It must have frequently updated, informative content and you must perform keyword research to ensure that your SEO is attracting your target customers. Additionally, it must be mobile-responsive, so that those searching for your business will be able to interact with your site, no matter what device they are using. You need professionals familiar with all of these web design services so that your site will be successful in attracting new business.

You’re the Expert on Your Business

Undoubtedly, you’re an expert when it comes to your business. You understand your products, who buys them, and how to present them. Thus, whoever you choose should listen to your ideas. With that in mind, a great web designer should also have exciting new ways to introduce your product.

But the internet is constantly changing. In order to show up in search engine results, you must remain up-to-date with the latest algorithms. Moreover, what was once a best practice may now penalize you for the same content. Those pesky algorithms are constantly changing. Also, design trends come and go. To be competitive, you’ll want a website that’s current and relevant to your business. Trends that customers once considered fresh, they may now view as dated.

Additionally, you’ll want a designer who has experience and successes. Often your website is the first interaction your customers will have with your business. An experienced website developer knows how to effectively communicate your company’s message. Your website is a major marketing tool, don’t let it go to waste.

Look for A Website Development Company with A Diverse Portfolio

Your company is an extension of you. Products, reputation, and customer service all develop from you as part of your brand identity. By building your brand, you create an awareness among consumers of how your company is different from the competition. An experienced agency can design a unique site that highlights your brand identity and show what makes your company appealing.

Thus, you need to hire a web designer with a variety of clients. Industries are varied and unique with different production methods, types of goods, and final product. A diverse portfolio indicates flexibility and the capacity to adapt design techniques to different trades. You want your website to be unique and not identical to anyone else’s site. Many companies use templates as an easy way to create a website quickly. Those sites end up looking like many others and won’t attract customers because the design isn’t going to draw them in and encourage them to learn about your products.

A web design company should currently have live sites for you to look at. Obviously, the marketing agency’s website design impressed you enough to pick up the phone and call them. But how do their clients’ sites look? Are they all variations of the same design? Can you navigate them easily and find the information you’re seeking?

ConversionMOXY has a wide variety of clients. Some of the types of businesses that we work with currently include an HVAC company, home improvement business, used car dealership, contract manufacturer, bakery and landscaping company, among others. Each of these businesses is very different from the others. Yet, we designed and built impressive websites reflective of their trade and owners’ personalities.

An Eye for Modern Design Trends Is Vital

One of the surest ways to lose visitors is to have a website that looks dated. Design trends for websites change almost as often as the internet itself changes. Moreover, some older design ideas may interfere with today’s users’ experience.

For example, with the explosion of smartphone usage, websites must have a responsive design. This means your website must instantly adapt to whatever screen size is on the device that the searcher is using. Yet, this involves more than just adjusting your screen size down. Some responsive designs may hide elements, change fonts, or remove images to conform to a smaller screen. Without losing any important information from desktops to mobile devices, you want to present important content to your visitors. If they can’t locate what they are looking for immediately, they will leave your site.

While you need to keep responsiveness in mind, you also want your website to stand out among the competition. Additionally, as you incorporate these design trends, keep in mind your overall purpose. You want to guide the user toward important content on your website encouraging them to take some action.

One of the hottest design trends today is the inclusion of a chatbot. Chatbots differ from live chat in that a computer program answers visitors’ questions. An obvious advantage is that customers can get answers to some of their questions on any day at any time. Today’s consumers want answers immediately and the chatbot satisfies common queries.

Video and animations are also popular elements to include on your site. Similar to graphics, videos and animations draw attention to important parts of your site. Human beings are visual. Thus, we respond and process visual images much, much faster than text. Incorporating different types of visuals makes your site more engaging and adds personality.

Classic Design Elements Are Timeless

In designing your site, there are some classic elements that you need to also incorporate. These are the basic design building blocks of your site. The use of white space, color, and font are some examples of standard essential features.

White space, or the lack of color or text, creates a sense of spaciousness on your website. Surrounding a call to action with white space draws attention to it and makes it stand out. And the use of white space between paragraphs and in the margins can increase comprehension by almost 20%.

Color psychology is the science dedicated to finding how color influences our actions. According to studies, certain hues will evoke trust, security, or creativity. It can direct our eyes to important parts of our webpage. Certain colors have higher conversion rates, too. Thus, web designers must know how to communicate your message through the use of color.

For many of us, the style of our font is insignificant. We think the words we choose are all that matter. Yet, your font choice can actually dictate a big part of your success. Just like color, fonts can communicate different messages. When you use a font style your customers feel comfortable with, they’ll read more of your content. Moreover, font size is also a concern. Larger size text directs visitors to important information on your page. And be careful of using too small a text for the body of your content. If your content is too small to read on a mobile device, you’ll lose customers.

Then There’s the Really Important Technical Stuff

While it’s important to have a visually appealing website, it also must be functional. What good is a pretty website if you can’t navigate or engage on the site? Thus, a great user experience is critical to the success of your site.

Primarily, we’ve talked about the graphic design or aesthetic part of building a website. Navigation, responsive web design, and site speed are some of the technical aspects handled by a website developer. Using programming languages and coding, a web developer takes the design and creates a functioning site.

But wait! There’s still more involved in a successful website. Your website can be stunning and have a great user experience, but without SEO, many will never find your site. Thus, you’ll also need an SEO expert.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are examples of search engines. These companies use programs to crawl through the internet looking for information. As crawlers find content, they index it or store it. When a user posts a query, the search engine returns pages (SERP), or results based on their algorithm. Each search engine has its own algorithm or formula for determining SERP ranking.

Search engine optimization or SEO involves using best practices so that your website ranks in search engine results. You can break traffic to your website down into two categories: paid and organic. Paid traffic is the result of advertisements. Organic traffic is the result of on-page SEO. While paid traffic results in quick results, good SEO practices give you a long term, more permanent outcome.

It’s difficult for one person to be an expert in all these areas. Yet, a successful website depends upon each aspect. Thus, hiring an agency with a staff of experts like conversionMOXY is ideal for your success.

The Internet Isn’t Static, So Your Website Shouldn’t Be, Either!

Some people may think once you’ve built a website you can relax and watch the profits roll in. Unfortunately, the internet is constantly changing to improve user experience. Search engines revise and modify algorithms. Requirements to show up near the top of search engine listings can change overnight.

Additionally, search engines love fresh content. Adding new content to your website gives you an opportunity to rank for more keywords. Also, the more frequently you add content, the more often search engines will index your site. Both will help in your ranking.

One way to add new content is through blogging. By adding blogs relating to your business you help Google understand your site better. Plus, engaging content brings traffic to your site while building your site as an authority.

But, simply adding content isn’t enough. Do you know which pieces of your content are attracting the most visitors? How many of these visitors convert into paying customers? This is where you need data to analyze. Without any information about how your website is performing, you won’t know what to improve or what is not working.

Two important analysis tools are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Google Analytics gives you demographics on those who visit and interact with your site. This can help you in further defining your ideal customer. Whereas Google Search Console gives insights into your site’s traffic and performance allowing you to improve ranking. Of course, you must have a professional who knows how to use the analytics to plan your strategy for conversion of visitors into customers.

A Winston Salem Web Design Company and So Much More

Building a vibrant, working website that attracts and converts is more difficult than it looks. You need a team of experts including professional writers, graphic designers, web developers, and SEO strategists. When searching for a Winston Salem web design company with a full portfolio of marketing solutions, choose conversionMOXY.

When John Van Schaik began the marketing agency in 2011, he wanted to provide all marketing services under one roof. This includes web design as well as display ads, PPC, social media ads, and inbound marketing. However, all these media are only as good as your return on your investment. If you aren’t getting results that generate higher profit, the ads aren’t working. That’s why we rely heavily on data to test and improve your results.

But all this is meaningless unless you have evidence of successes. That’s where our record and customers speak for themselves. Some of our clients have been with us for years. Synergy Integrated Systems is one such company. They say, “We have used John and his team’s services for the past 9 years and we are very pleased with the results. We find it so much better to work with a local smaller company that truly cares about your business and results.” And from Ava’s Cupcakes, “I’ve worked with several teams/firms and marketing professionals over the past 8 years. I can confidently say that conversionMOXY has done amazing things for my business in as little as 8 weeks.”

Our team is waiting to assist you in helping your business grow. Call us at 336-245-1640 for a review of your marketing strategy. We’ll discuss your goals, budget, and a plan to achieve success. Then we’ll put it into place and watch your company soar.