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​Geo Advertising & Marketing – Why They Go Together

Want to take your business to a whole other level this year? It is time to think about creating a new and improved geo advertising & marketing plan.

What is Geo Advertising?

Also known as geo targeting, geo advertising is a newer, more effective form of marketing. This is a way to offer people content related to their location. This works using different factors, including zip code or IP address.

One component of geo advertising is geo fencing, when a business wants to target a certain geographic area. They can then create a digital fence around it. And when someone is using a smartphone or other mobile device enters the area, an ad will pop up.

Geo advertising is one of the central pieces of micro-targeting. It used to be that companies would send out advertisements everywhere, hoping this scattershot approach would attract customers. While some still do that, smarter businesses now see that micro-targeting is much more effective.

Micro-targeting utilizes data to find the most likely customers. This data comes from credit card information, social media, and anything else that determines purchasing behavior. Companies can then use this data to craft specific deals and specials to individual people.

How conversionMOXY Can Help You with Geo Advertising & Marketing

Competition is tough today and businesses now need to use all tools at their disposal to win customers. Geo advertising & marketing should part of your comprehensive strategy. If you want to find your ideal customers, conversionMOXY can help. We will create a customized geo fencing plan specifically for your business.

We have been working with businesses in the Triad area for years and have a lot of success with geo advertising. One example is Peters Auto Mall. We have been able to increase their organic traffic dramatically and improve their lead conversion.

To learn what a better geo advertising & marketing plan can do for you, just get in touch with conversionMOXY