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The Ad Agency Winston Salem Companies Use To Achieve Success

Small businesses account for about 99.7 percent of the U.S. economy. Unfortunately, only about 25% of all new businesses make it to 15 years or more. One of the reasons for many companies failing is the lack of a strong internet presence. Consumers are simply unaware of your brand. However, hiring the right advertising agency can avoid this disastrous scenario. When you need a strong marketing plan, hire the ad agency Winston Salem businesses trust, conversionMOXY.

ConversionMOXY is a full-service marketing agency offering both traditional and digital forms of advertising. With an established performance history, our team can deliver a complete package for all your marketing needs. We’ve helped many different types of businesses including restaurants, home improvement, and landscaping companies. And we’re ready to help you!

What Is Digital Marketing And How Does It Differ From Traditional Marketing?

Marketing, whether digital or traditional, involves communicating your brand’s message to the consumer. If you’re a pizza parlor with super-fast delivery, you want diners to know you can get dinner to them quickly. While if you’re a grocery store, you may want to emphasize your fresh produce. The method for delivering these messages is marketing.

Traditional forms of marketing include the use of billboards, direct mailing, and print ads. Generally, 4 categories make up traditional marketing: broadcast, print, direct mail, and telephone. Basically, it involves any type of marketing that isn’t online.

Digital marketing is the delivery of your message through any form of online platform. Through an electronic device, you communicate to the consumer who you are, what you’re selling, and how you’re different. The marketer can use a variety of tools to send your message:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay per click (PPC)
  • Content marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Although digital marketing has overshadowed traditional forms, both are still relevant in today’s business world. Successful marketing involves knowing where and how to reach your target audience. Sometimes this may require the use of traditional marketing, other times digital, and often both.

Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

Most business owners are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make their company successful. In starting a company, entrepreneurs must learn to be versatile while tackling, and excelling at, many aspects of running a company. Often this includes marketing.

However, marketing trends change as do tactics and strategies as search engines update algorithms. Digital marketers must keep ahead of these changes or risk not showing up in searches. Today, Google makes thousands of updates to its algorithm per year. Even minor changes in the algorithm can have a major impact on your website. Staying on top of updates is very time-consuming.

When you’re searching for an ad agency Winston Salem companies rely on for digital marketing, choose conversionMOXY. We’re experts at identifying your target customer. Plus, we understand how to implement all the latest SEO strategies and social media marketing tactics. Furthermore, our solutions and strategies are custom-tailored specific to your business and budget.

Can I Afford A Digital Marketing Program?

Today, consumers use the internet to research products before they buy. Moreover, with the rise of smartphone usage, the internet is always on hand. This makes it easier than ever before to get your brand’s message to your customer.

Additionally, digital advertising has the most analytic tools available for tracking your marketing campaign. Simply by pasting a code onto your website, you have access to a powerful tracking tool, Google Analytics. Not only is this tool free, but it also measures a large number of key metrics. Users, page views, and bounce rate are just some of the data Google Analytics measures.

Thus, you can see which channels are driving the most clients. You can track visitors to see how they are interacting with your website. Finally, you can see which landing pages have the most conversions.

Moreover, digital advertising is the most cost-effective way to market your company. For example, social media platforms are free to join. With consistent posting, you can generate brand awareness. Plus, you have the opportunity to interact with potential customers in real-time.

However, with all these unique benefits, digital marketing can be overwhelming. Keeping up with changing algorithms and numerous social media platforms is time-consuming. Plus, the software required for keyword research, auditing backlinks, and social media automation is expensive.

If you’re looking for proven results, choose the ad Agency Winston Salem businesses trust, conversionMOXY. We can tailor a marketing plan specific to your industry and budget. After analyzing your business, we work individually with you to find the best marketing solutions for your company. Plus, we use the most innovative technology to help grow your business.

What’s The First Step?

Many businesses think the first step is to set up a website. After all, you need a place to send potential clients to learn more about your products or services. Moreover, you need a place to make it easy for users to make a purchase.

However, this is where many companies fail. The very first step starts with a profile of your ideal client. In order to build a successful website, you need to know how to appeal to your clientele. Specifically, your color, font, words, and images should all appeal to your audience. For example, business owners often think the font style is an insignificant choice. Yet, you can easily chase away visitors by evoking the wrong emotion with your font style.

Additionally, you need to know what words your audience is using to search for your product. Using the wrong search terms can leave your website in the black hole of the internet. While using the right words can drive website traffic and convert users into customers.

Thus, if you haven’t already done so, construct an ideal client profile. If you have one, perhaps it’s time to look at it again with fresh eyes. Your profile should be as specific as possible including demographics such as age, sex, and income. It should also include psychological and behavioral factors such as interests, activities, and motivation to make a purchase.

Once you’ve gathered all the statistics on your ideal client, then you can begin to design your website. When you know what appeals to your customers, you can work on web design. Your choice of visuals, colors, fonts, and images with your content must connect with your target customer.

Website Design 101

The development of the internet has spawned many DIY website builders. Many of these boast an easy setup interface where you simply drag and drop elements onto your page. While this is appealing to those people who are less tech-savvy, these DIY sites cannot offer you creativity. Basically, you use generic templates that many other people are using. First impressions are critical and you only have a few seconds to visually tell your story. What does your web design say about your company?

Additionally, there’s a steep learning curve when it comes to making your website friendly to search engines. Just because you build an impressive looking site doesn’t mean anyone is going to find it. This is where extensive knowledge of SEO is necessary. The correct use of keywords, the structure of your pages, and a user-friendly experience are imperative for SEO.

Search engines use keywords to organize content similar to an index in a book. Thus, you must know where to place your keywords for the search engine to find them. Plus, choosing high volume, highly competitive words won’t help your ranking. Picking good volume, less competitive keywords gives you a greater chance of showing up in search results.

Often, DIY website builders ignore the site’s structure or setting up the pages in a logical way. Certainly, your home page is your most important page. But what about blog posts? After a few years, you may have hundreds of blog pages. Both users and Google won’t find your most important pages unless you use internal links to organize them. Finally, search engines reward sites that are user friendly. Consumers want fast loading, safe sites answering their queries. Plus, the information must be accurate and easy to find.

Other Important Aspects Of Digital Marketing

Now, it’s time to start focusing on your goals. You need to know what you want to accomplish in order to achieve it. Certainly, you want to be successful but this is too broad of a goal. For example, do you want to create more brand awareness? Or, drive more traffic to your website?

Once you’ve established your goals, you can decide on the marketing strategy to achieve each goal. You can consider PPC, social media posts, and content marketing.

While good SEO is vital, it’s only part of a complete marketing strategy. For a successful business, you need to build brand awareness, drive traffic, and convert users into customers. Often, you’ll want to incorporate other digital marketing strategies.

Pay per click (PPC) is a form of paid advertising many search engines employ. The search engine awards ad position based on your bid, quality of your ad, and attributes of your landing page. Thus, you can show up on the top page of results using this form of paid advertising.

Social media platforms are free to join and engage on, offering an avenue to raise brand awareness. By consistently posting, users will grow familiar with your brand. Moreover, you can engage with your audience in real-time building trust. Plus, all offer some form of paid advertising to boost your exposure. Some platforms like Facebook or Twitter employ the PPC model.

Finally, providing your audience with content builds trust with your audience. Content offers your audience something useful in the form of videos, infographics, eBooks, or blogs. In particular, blogging gives your audience a reason to visit your website again for new information. Additionally, search engines index your site more often when you post fresh content. Moreover, blogging provides ample opportunity to create an internal linking structure boosting SEO.

The Ad Agency Winston Salem Businesses Trust To Grow Their Business

“Entrepreneurship is the art of finding profitable solutions to problems.”

– Brian Tracy

It is a known fact that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Unfortunately, many of these companies never last long enough to celebrate their 5-year milestone. Although there are many reasons for failing, having a weak online presence is a major factor. A profitable solution to strengthen your online presence is to hire the ad agency Winston Salem businesses rely on, conversionMOXY.

In 2011, John Van Schaik saw a need for an advertising agency that delivers a complete package of marketing solutions. Offering both traditional and digital marketing solutions, our team can pinpoint and deliver your company’s message directly to your audience. Moreover, you can see the success of your marketing strategy with our analytic technology. Likewise, we design a marketing plan specific to your business and budget.

Some years, like the past one, can bring unique challenges to your business. However, together we can meet these challenges with success. Call us at 336-245-1640 to begin a new digital marketing strategy for your company.