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SEO Companies Near Me that Help Customers Find YOU!

As you search for SEO companies near me online, your initial parameter is clear. Foremost, you’re searching for a company that provides superior search engine optimization. After all, without proper SEO embedded into your website, online customers simply won’t see you. When they don’t see you, they don’t use you. Therefore, you must find a company with the experience and expertise necessary to help your website rise above your competitors. Fortunately, you just found exactly that.

How You Found SEO Companies Near Me

Ultimately, let’s consider why and how you found conversionMOXY in the first place. Quickly, go back in your web browser and look at how many results appeared, based on your initial search query. When you searched for SEO companies near me online, we estimate that over 91 MILLION results appeared. At this point, it’s wise to wonder how we, conversionMOXY, appeared at the top. It wasn’t by chance!

Frankly, it’s because we get SEO. We live and breathe it. Every day, we strive to conquer it. Not only do we use it to pursue our company goals, we share that knowledge with our clients. Consequently, we help you reach the top of the list as well.

At this point, you may wonder, “Why can’t I just look over SEO rules and achieve the same goals”? Absolutely, you can. Indeed, it is possible. Although, it consumes exceptional amounts of time and effort. Seemingly, the landscape of SEO parameters changes every day. Keywords and word-counts that were effective months ago fade into the landscape nearly as soon as you master them. Unfortunately, few businesses have the time and expertise to stay on top of this evolution.

Exactly, this is why we are here. Precisely, it’s why we do what we do. Your job is to run your company. Our directive is to work in the background. From the start, we demystify the process. We make it simple. You focus on your business; we focus on helping customers find it.

Growing Your Business Online

That said, let’s highlight a few key points as to how we can help your business grow. After all, that’s the whole point when you are searching for SEO companies near me – you want someone on your side! In fact, we can help you bloom online and offline. As a full-service marketing agency, we take a holistic approach to business success. Therefore, we develop full marketing solutions for our clients. We treat each one as a unique opportunity because each one is a unique business. Every one is trying to attract as many customers as possible in order to increase sales.

Whether we are researching online or offline material, we use the same strategies. Initially, we review your current content. During this phase, we determine what is and isn’t working. Next, we discuss what you’re looking for. What are your goals? What do you expect? Moreover, we define what success means to you. What peaks do you wish to reach? Through communication, our experience and industry research, we customize a plan that works for you.

Which leads to our creation of a strategy for success. At this point, we determine the tools we need to put in place to achieve that success. Similarly, we implement tracking tools to identify provable success. So that you always understand where we are in the process, we also estimate a time frame for results. Every client has a monthly meeting with our experts to review results from the prior period and determine strategy for the next. We are constantly working to improve your visibility to your target demographic.

Then, we design and build. This is where we pull in everything that we know about your company, your target audience and your brand. All that inspires you shall be what inspires your customer. A good design tells a great story.

Finally, we track and report. In fact, this is an ongoing process intrinsic to your ongoing success. For everything from traffic to your website to what people visiting feel excited about, we track interactions. Ultimately, every action one can follow…you should follow. Eventually, that information may be crucial to your success and growth.

How Search Engines Can Find You

Now that you understand our process, let’s revisit your SEO companies near me search and delve deeper into your query. After all, in finding us, customers finding you was likely your ultimate goal.

First, we need to examine how search engines find you. We’ll be honest. It’s a complicated process. Not smoke and mirrors complicated, but, actually, complicated. It involves numerous parameters. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s address SEO first.

The term, SEO, is flung about often in the online world. Understanding what it actually means will help clarify the process. Referring to search engine optimization, it is how search engines (Google and the like) find websites. They crawl though billions of data throughout the internet and find the most relevant to every search term that people input. To ensure searchers find your website – on the first page of results – you need to make your website relevant.

To simplify, here are a few key elements that make your website relevant to searches:

  • Proper use of keywords
  • Internal and external links
  • Quality and length of page content
  • Meta tags
  • Page speed
  • URL structure
  • Recurring content

If this sounds daunting, don’t fret. This is where conversionMOXY comes in. We handle all of this and try to make it as simple as possible. Our years of compiling information and reporting it to our clients streamlines our material into digestible portions. While we will inform you of what we do, you don’t have to know every detail if you rather not. This, we leave up to you.

Helping Customers Find You

Now that you know how search engines find you, let’s consider how customers find you. After all, if you’re last in line out of a million search results, they’re not going to see you. In fact, even if you’re in the last few hundred results, the odds aren’t on your side. Moreover, statistics show that only 6%-8% of website users click on second page results.

Consequently, you need to boost your search rank. More specifically, you are looking for SEO companies near me in order to boost your search rank. To do this, they implement the goals above and consider other parameters. For instance, keeping your website up to date is critical. Plus, gaining spots such as Position Zero is critical. (See below for more detailed information on both.)

Once we address each issue, you should see a rise in traffic to your website. We actually track this rise for you so that the results are transparent. Of course, you may wonder now how soon you will see results. That rests on several factors and ties into our research and tracking.

Not only does tracking help show our customers progress, it helps us tweak the ongoing process. Notably, ongoing is key. Maintaining a superior position in search engines isn’t a one-stop-shop. It requires monitoring after we implement the first steps.

Achieving Position Zero

Speaking of positioning, have you heard of the much-sought-after Position Zero? Even if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve probably noticed it. Also known as a Featured Snippit, it’s the definition-like result above the search listings. Usually, it’s displayed when a visitor asks a question directly in the search box.

For example, do an actual search with this question right now: What is position zero? Likely, you will see a definition that answers this question in a search box. Accompanying the answer is the webpage title, URL and a screenshot of the page. Pretty nice spot for your website to live in, don’t you think?

Not only is it an agreeable spot, users click on it. Often. Notably, websites receive 31% more traffic when having the first position in tandem with the Featured Snippit.

Correspondingly, we expect voice searching to affect SEO and Google searches in 2020. Currently, 22% of people who use voice searches made purchases within a month of that search. If you’re not optimizing your website for spoken searches, you might be left in the dust. Certainly, you’ll miss out on potential clients. Now, you’re likely wondering what Position Zero has to do with voice searches. Essentially, the tech these searchers speak to, such as Siri and Alexa, look to Position Zero for the answer. Thus, attaining Position Zero makes you a top resource not just for customers but for Google as well.

As you can see, when you search for SEO companies near me, you need a team that does more than SEO. It’s a holistic approach that will bring all aspects of digital marketing together to grow your business.

Unpacking the Map Pack

As we mentioned, staying up to date on content matters as well. Here, is where local SEO services and Google’s Map Pack come into play. Named for the top 3 map locations displayed at the top of Google search results, Map Pack is undeniably influential. Especially, this is true when a searcher requests a business “near me” or local service online.

Whenever we search for a local service online, Google shows a map among the organic search results. This is valuable territory because it doesn’t require users to perform another click. Probably, you’ve seen this map pack in search results many times. In addition to the map itself, users see a list of businesses together. Each has their NAP data, review rating, office hours, and call button.

Exactly this, is why it’s important to keep your business information up to date. Google and customers require consistency of information. To rank high organically, correct and synched NAP is imperative. (Note: NAP is an acronym for: Name, Address, Phone Number. It refers to the contact information that’s displayed about your business on any website that lists it.)

Easily, we can see how influential this Google Local Map Pack is as online shoppers decide where to go. Whether they search for the best restaurant nearby or the nearest highly-reviewed 5-star HVAC repair company, it affects choices. Similarly, service-based companies like attorneys or physicians are seeing the benefits as well. A listing above the search results for people in a specific geographic area draws customers.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Also important to note, the “near me” search increases nearly daily as mobile users are on the go. They look for places near not only where they live, but more often where they are at that specific time. Fortuitously, it’s worth the effort to optimize your site for mobile users. More than 75% of local-intent mobile searches result in an offline store visit within 24 hours. Nearly 30% result in a purchase. Additionally, 82% of smartphone shoppers have done “near me” searches. Millennials top it at 92%. That’s a ton of traffic waiting for you to appear at the top!

Obviously, this also means that your website must be mobile-friendly. It does little good to appear at the top if customers can’t navigate your website if they click on you. Not only is it frustrating, they lose trust in your product immediately. After all, if you can’t even get your website to work, why should they expect your product to satisfy them?

Finding the Best SEO and Marketing Provider

In a world when you literally have seconds to prove yourself, you simply can’t leave it up to chance. Our team at conversionMOXY can help with that and so much more. While we can tell you how fabulous we are and that we are the best of the SEO companies near me that you will find, that sounds a lot like bragging. (Even if it’s true!) Plus, it’s often best to hear from customers themselves. So, consider the kind words written by a few of our customers below.

conversionMOXY has been handling our SEO and web presence for 4+ years as well as miscellaneous marketing tasks. We are very pleased with the team and results.”

AD Systems

I’ve worked with several marketing professionals over the past 8 years. I can confidently say that conversionMOXY has done amazing things for my business in as little as 8 weeks.”

Ava’s Cupcakes

Great team! conversionMOXY helped our company gain exposure through our site and social media accounts. We would definitely recommend them to anyone we know!”

Frontline Construction Equipment

Keep in mind, we are here for companies big and small, local and national. Our team includes specialists in all fields of online marketing and advertising so that we can provide a comprehensive solution, unique for your business. We provide long-lasting benefits of organic search results so that you will continue to thrive online. To find out how we can best help you, give us a call at 336-245-1640.