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SEO tips – Give Your Website a Boost to Rise Above the Rest

Whether you are revamping a current website or building a new one, the task can drown you without proper guidance. Few of us are born with the innate ability to splash useful content into the ocean of the internet. In fact, many entrepreneurs jump into the surf without being properly armed to navigate the flow. It’s one thing to build an informative site that reflects the core of your company. However, the currents of another great site are like rip tides. If you don’t plan properly, they override and pull your hard work into the endless abyss of internet waters. To find the perfect wave that raises you above the tempest, you need SEO tips to keep you afloat.



4 Quick SEO Tips



Below, we’ve compiled a few quick SEO tips you should use while adding content to your website.



1. Understand SEO. Otherwise known as search engine optimization, to determine how it’s done, you need to know how it works. Basically, search engines such as Google and the like present the best results they can find based on keywords. For instance, when a user types in “how to surf,” a little over 800 MILLION results appear. That’s a ton of traffic and content to rise above. Only the businesses with optimized content reach the top of the list.



2. Help search engines find you. Keep in mind, keywords are only part of the algorithm that search engines use. Essentially, you must also embed guideposts within your site content to rank at the top of search engines and results. To fully grasp this endeavor, you need an audit of your site content. Fortunately, conversionMOXY offers this service for free! Afterwards, we’ll help you determine what content you should post to increase ranking.



3. Guide traffic with useful content and post regularly. Speaking of content that search engines need, you must post regularly. Plus, you can’t fill it with fluff. In other words, sending traffic to your page requires relevant information. What you write, and how you write it, matters.



4. Optimize link capabilities. Often, website designers overlook the usefulness of link enhancement. Every link in your page is an opportunity. First, they keep traffic on your site. For instance, you should always provide an internal link when possible that keeps your visitor with you. Conversely, when properly used, relevant external links are imperative as well.



The Intricate Art of SEO



Ultimately, SEO is even more complicated than that. In itself, it’s an intricate art. Furthermore, it’s an ever-changing art. At conversionMOXY, we track trends and monitor SEO results and methods on a daily basis using tools such as Yoast. Then, we analyze this data to develop the best strategies, including identifying keywords that will heighten our client’s ranking. Next, our team of writers adheres to all the latest Google requirements and writes engaging, but fully-optimized content. Regularly, we post this content to ensure your site link appears in search engines when customers need you.



Other tasks we tackle include:



  • Website optimization
  • Directory listing clean-up
  • Reputation management
  • Quality back-link integration
  • Offsite content building
  • Optimizing Google map listing
  • Social media management
  • And lots more!



As you can see, it’s not just about what you post nor about what kind of link you use. To get a deeper explanation of how to drive traffic to your website, it’s helpful to get a professional’s advice. And, you need to check your current website’s SEO ranking. If you’d like to start with a free SEO report to do so, click here. Or, give conversionMOXY a call at 336-245-1640!