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Social Media Advertising Advantages and Methods

Nearly from its inception, social media reached far beyond simply being “social.”  In fact, ads popped up practically instantaneously to users logging on. Immediately, savvy businesses saw this as a fantastic marketing opportunity.  Not only did it allow them to reach their current audience online, it let them spread their brand beyond them.  Currently, social media advertising is just as important today as it was then.  Likewise, it’s become a critical component to nearly every company’s marketing plan.

Navigating Advertising on Facebook and Similar Platforms

For many businesses, navigating the streams of social media advertising feels like an overwhelming endeavor.  Often, there are many parameters you seemingly need to address at once.  For instance, to properly reach your audience pool, you need to know what social platforms they use.  At the moment, most users visit YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  However, this is a constantly evolving flow.  Consequently, your marketing team needs to stay abreast of the trends.

Similarly, other users are potential customers as well.  Therefore, you need to consider marketing your brand to them, too.  Every new contact that you make pays off.  Utilizing ads to expand and contact this additional audience is a wise investment.

Naturally, this leads us to your brand in general.  Before you even begin a social media marketing campaign, you must establish a uniform brand image.  Then, you need to consistently incorporate the image into your ad campaigns.

If your brain is already beginning to ache a little, don’t worry.   ConversionMOXY can help!

Benefits of Creating an Online Presence

First, let’s back up just a bit and explore the benefits of being on social media in the first place.  Thus, you can better understand how being in constant contact with your audience helps.  Ultimately, the value of social media advertising management goes further than direct traffic or sales from social media.  Just a few of the advantages include:

  1. Augment Exposure – Social media gets your brand in front of prospects similar to your existing customers.  Better yet, conversionMOXY can actually target new prospects using “Persona Profile.”
  2. Increase Traffic – Well-thought-out social media campaigns drive well-qualified traffic to your website.  At conversionMOXY, we provide original content, relevant call-to-actions and well-targeted ads to increase customer contact and engage audience members.
  3. Develop Loyal Fans – Obviously, trust is a driving force in a person’s decision-making process.  By becoming a valuable resource to customers and prospects, you build brand advocates.
  4. Provide Insight – Due to the amount of information users share on social media, it’s an invaluable trove of demographic profiles.  Using this valuable marketplace insight, we refine your website presence and conventional marketing channel promotions and targeting.
  5. Generate Leads – When used properly, social media is valuable in your sales lead process. But, it’s often about quality, not quantity. We focus on gathering the right audience to drive leads.

To fulfill the above parameters, our professionals manage posts to social media channels that fit your company best.   Moreover, we have packages for all types of companies including business to consumer and business to business.  Plus, we offer initial setup and branding for those who prefer handling the day-to-day management internally.

Social Media Ads

Next, let’s clarify the benefits of advertising on these social media channels.  Essentially, it does all of the above and drives sales.  Especially, this is true for Instagram and Facebook.  On Facebook, you can rotate images, titles, verbiage and call-to-actions in ads to narrow down the best tactics.  Considering Facebook has 1.47 billion daily users interacting, this is a powerful avenue.  Notably, another benefit of advertising on social media vs. Google PPC is significantly lower cost per click.

Speaking of PPC, a multi-channel approach is essential.  So, consider other online advertising as well.  Our services include:

  • PPC Advertising – Otherwise known as pay-per-click, it’s one of the most powerful ways to attract potential customers.
  • Display Advertising – Impact prospects with attention-grabbing graphics.  Similar to Google Text Ads, they include methods such as keywords, geo-targeting and more.
  • Retargeting – Show ads to visitors AFTER they have left your website and turn your online audience into converted customers.

Of course, we work with you to understand your business and then develop a customized social media advertising strategy based on your needs. Every marketing plan is unique and every client will benefit from a different combination of services. Your free consultation will determine the platforms that will fit your company’s goals and budget.

Today, give us a call at 336-245-1640 to find out more.  Or, contact us online for a free quote!