retargeting marketing

​Retargeting Marketing – We Have the Scoop!

Your website may get a lot of traffic, but how many of those folks ever come back? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stay top-of-mind with these potential customers after they leave? Retargeting marketing makes it possible.

How does retargeting marketing work?

Ever looked at a product on a website and then saw an ad for it on another site? If so, you have experienced retargeting. This tactic works by following customers around the internet using a tracking cookie. They will then receive relevant ads based on what they checked out on your site.

One of the best lead generation strategies involves the use of retargeting marketing and exit intent marketing. Exit intent marketing uses pop-ups when someone leaves a website. The pop-up will offer them a special deal or savings on a product or service. If done correctly, this is an excellent way to bring in more leads.

How does geo-fencing fit in to retargeting?

If you have done any research into online marketing, you have probably read a little about geo fencing. This is a technique that targets people in specific areas. Basically, advertisers draw a digital fence around the area in which potential customers may be located.

Because of location services built in to smartphones, an advertiser can see when someone enters the fenced area. Then they will immediately get ads about certain products or services. Geo-fencing is becoming an important component of a comprehensive online advertising plan.

Start now to utilize retargeting marketing for your business

Heavy site traffic is important, but if people do not buy from you, it is basically pointless. With retargeting marketing, you can make sure people still think about you even when they leave. Want to start on a retargeting marketing campaign? Get in touch with conversionMOXY. We can help you generate leads that result in conversions. We provide monthly independent reports to prove the results that you have achieved using our tools. Do you know the specific results you have received from your current marketing strategies? Learn what we can offer your business; contact us today.