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SEO Services Suitable for Hospitals and Clinics

Finally, Merriam-Webster recognizes the abbreviation of SEO in their dictionary. Otherwise known as search engine optimization, it defines the process of how search engines calculate and deliver data. Essentially, data delivered is the content that appears when you type a query into Google and other search engines. For instance, if a potential client types in “hospital clinics near me,” they receive thousands of results. Generally, searchers only pay attention to the first few pages or so. To ensure that your business shows up on these key pages, you need elite SEO services guiding traffic. Fortunately, conversionMOXY does that and much more.

Understanding SEO Services

Since SEO services are a complex process, let’s explore key strategies involved. Basically, you have an audience of potential clients needing to find you. The goal of you and your marketing team is to make sure that they do. Keep in mind, your competitors’ content is trying to capture their attention as well. Therefore, you need to optimize every avenue possible. From search engines and social media to business listings, you must build a solid and reliable presence.

First, we’ll begin with optimizing search results on Google. Our team uses the same advanced technology utilized by FedEX, REI, Ticket Master and Panasonic just to name a few. Implementing broad data, we make decisions on keywords, prime URLs, write custom content and more. Every component is an integral part of the digital marketing strategy geared precisely for your business. Consequently, our goal is to achieve the highest possible ranking for your facility on search engines.

Online Steps to Market Your Hospital or Clinic

However, our efforts don’t, and shouldn’t, end there. We take a comprehensive approach to reach your audience at all levels, including social media and other platforms. To do so, we incorporate numerous steps.


In this stage, we provide extensive research into your competition. Then, we perform a full-site audit of your web presence. Based on our findings, we develop a complete digital marketing strategy. Essentially, this is the backbone of your campaign. Accordingly, this includes keyword strategies as well as directory listings and back-link integration.


Next, our experienced SEO technicians clean up items found during your audit that may damage your business’ search results. Additionally, we work with your marketing team to improve call-to-action items. At this point, we also correct any inaccurate listings and create over 65 listings on high-value sites. Moreover, we utilize ReviewMOXY to monitor your online reviews, which are a key factor in a consumer’s decision-making process.


Finally, we focus on site content. After all, establishing your brand as a trusted source for your audience is the most important element of SEO. Likewise, our team integrates search-engine-friendly back-links into your site. Similarly, diverse digital marketing material builds your brand as well. Therefore, we continually add new content to social media and video platforms.

Local Business Listings

Ultimately, local and national business listings are imperative as well. In fact, optimized business listings are the foundation of our SEO packages. We focus on multiple techniques to increase your rank.

For instance, ensuring that your NAP data (Name, Address, Phone Number) is consistent is key for your website’s search ranking. Whether you are a local or a national business, local directories are the primary step in SEO strategy. Our software monitors listings and suppresses duplicates. Likewise, we update listings on a regular basis.

Important to note, it is imperative to focus also on quality and not volume alone. With this in mind, we prepare professional content to increase your ranking on:

  • Search engines-Google, Yahoo!, Bing
  • Local online directories – Yelp, Angie’s List, Foursquare
  • Mobile devices – iPhone, Android, etc.
  • GPS & navigation systems
  • Social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc.
  • 411 directories

In the end, our package focuses on everything you need for a professional Local Business Listing presence. To learn more about all of our services, contact us online. Or, give us a call at 336-245-1640.