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Why You Need A Local Search Engine Optimization Company

Search engine optimization is a broad term encompassing the process of improving your website’s ranking in search results. Furthermore, the subcategories, off-page, on-page, technical, and local SEO fall under this category. If you own a local company, you’ll want to increase your online presence in your community using local SEO. When looking for a local search engine optimization company to grow your business, hire conversionMOXY.

Generalized SEO

Generalized or traditional SEO centers on improving your site’s visibility on a global scale. By following best practices, the likelihood of your website ranking higher in search engine results increases. The usage of keywords and link building is essential in driving organic traffic to your site.

Additionally, providing fresh, relevant content also helps your SEO. New content is an opportunity to target new keywords and create new links. Plus, search engines will re-index your site each time you publish new content.

Local SEO

Correspondingly, the rise of localized searches coincided with the rise of smartphone usage. No longer were consumers tied to their desktops to find nearby businesses. With internet capabilities, smartphones allowed consumers to find what they needed on the go.

As consumers turned to their smartphones for searches, they included words like “near me” or “nearby” in their queries. Thus, companies began to integrate their location into their keywords. Additionally, with many searches occurring on a small smartphone screen, web developers moved to develop a responsive design.

Search Engine Business Profiles And Directories

In addition to using location-based keywords and having a mobile responsive design, creating business profiles helps local SEO. The information you provide in your profile lets search engines know more about your company.

Furthermore, business directories like Yelp and Angie’s List, offer even more places to list your business information. Having your company appear frequently in results increases visibility and brand awareness. Plus, many of these sites allow customers to leave reviews to build trust.

The Local Map Pack

All search engines offer a business listing for stores that make in-person contact with customers. Bing, Yahoo, and Google give you a free opportunity to list important information about your company. You can include business hours, location, contact information, website URL, and other essential details.

Each search engine takes the information you include in your profile and uses it to generate a local map pack. This is a search engine result of 3 local businesses relevant to the user’s query appearing on the first page.

Undeniably, Google reigns supreme when talking about search engines. However, certain demographics will prefer Bing or Yahoo. Thus, you must understand your ideal audience to know which search engine your clients favor.

Local Search Engine Optimization Company FAQs

Finding a local search engine optimization company to help you grow your business requires research. To help you with your search, we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions.

Why Do I Need A Company To Manage My Local SEO?

On the surface, managing your SEO seems deceptively simple. Find a few keywords, sprinkle them in your copy, and fill out some business profiles. However, SEO is dynamic and constantly changing. What worked to improve search engine results last week, might not work so well today. Moreover, some old strategies might even get you penalized.

Plus, an expert can get results much faster than someone just learning SEO. Whereas you’ll be trying different strategies to see what works, an expert will know exactly what to do. ConversionMOXY has an established track record for helping businesses just like yours. With thousands of page 1 ranked keywords, we can develop a winning SEO marketing plan for your company.

How Much Will An SEO Marketing Plan Cost?

While investing in an SEO marketing plan does require funding, typically, the return on your investment offsets your expenditure. Generally, an expertly executed SEO plan generates a high return.

However, your plan should be as unique as your company. Rather than giving generalized pricing, we prefer to offer a free consultation. During this meeting, we’ll discuss your goals, timeframe, and budget. Based on our discussion, we’ll develop a customizable strategy to fit your budget. Call us at 336-245-1640 to set up your appointment.

Does Social Media Help with SEO?

Certainly, engaging on social media has many positive benefits for a company. You can increase brand awareness, establish trust, and reach new audiences. While having a social media presence will not directly affect your SEO ranking, it can indirectly help.

When you post content on social media that is relevant, useful, and valuable, users will like, comment, and share it. These likes, comments, and shares are social signals or indications that your content is beneficial. Social signals also increase your authority and drive more traffic to your website.

Can You Run Paid Ads?

Absolutely! We’re a full-service marketing firm offering both traditional and digital marketing solutions. Since 2011, conversionMOXY has been helping businesses achieve their marketing goals with a full portfolio of tools:

  • Content generation
  • Website design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Geofencing
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Backlink auditing
  • And more!

Moreover, Expertise has named us one of the best advertising agencies in Raleigh for 2021. Yet, we set ourselves apart from other agencies with our personal interest in your success. We routinely meet with clients to analyze current data and review their business needs.

Even if you’re not a client we want you to succeed. Thus, we share marketing suggestions and ideas on social media. Learn more about essential tips and strategies for growing your business by following us on Facebook and Instagram.