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How To Get More Website Visits – Explode Your Quality Leads

Usually, once you’ve set up a website, one of the most important statistics you’ll track is traffic. When users visit your site, that’s traffic. However, while traffic is important, it’s just part of your site’s overall success. Moreover, all traffic isn’t equal. So, the question of how to get more website visits should be how to attract quality traffic.

Sifting Through Your Traffic Sources

Hopefully, once you’ve set up your website, you’ve connected an analytics program to view your traffic metrics. Google, the giant search engine, provides a free analytics program. By connecting to Google Analytics, you see view the source of all your traffic:

  • Organic
  • Direct
  • Social media
  • Referral
  • Paid search

However, not all traffic is beneficial for your website. For example, spambots can inflate your views making it seem like you have a high number of visitors. Some experts estimate about 40% of your traffic is from bad bots.

Generating Quality Visits

Google Analytics does give you a method for filtering out bot visits to get a clearer view of your traffic. Even so, the remaining visitors may not be your ideal client. Moreover, attracting consumers who aren’t interested in your product is useless. By determining the actions users take when landing on your site, you can work on improving it.

For example, do visitors leave your site within seconds after arriving? This is what is known as your bounce rate. This performance metric measures users who visit your site and take no action. This may mean visitors arrive at your site thinking you sell something else. It may also mean your site is slow to load or hard to navigate.

Do you have a good percentage of returning visitors? When you provide valuable content, users will return to your site again and again. Yet, you also need visitors to convert or take action. This may be making a purchase, signing up for your email list, or filling out a contact form.

Analyzing the metrics from this data tells you what you need to improve on your website. You may need stronger calls to action, revisions on content generation, or changes to your technical SEO.

Other Key Performance Metrics

Tracking metrics like visitors, bounce rate, time per session, and similar indicators are a good place to start. Yet, you cannot look at any marketing metric alone. Comparing other important factors against your visits will give you a clearer picture of the health of your site.

For example, how much does it cost to acquire a new customer? Spending a lot of money without generating a healthy return may be a sign of an ineffective campaign.

Another important statistic is the average order value (AOV). By measuring AOV, you can make data-driven decisions on your pricing and advertising expenditure.

Equally critical is your customer lifetime value (CLV). This is an estimation of a customer’s lucrativeness used to determine a business’s long-term growth.

FAQs About How To Get More Website Visits

Understanding how to get more website visits is only part of the process to maintain a healthy business. To help you understand digital marketing and find the right firm, we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions.

What’s The Best Way To Increase Quality Traffic?

Generally, to succeed in digital marketing, you need a multipronged approach. Utilizing several tools properly will indeed drive traffic to your website:

The team at conversionMOXY can help you with all your digital marketing needs. With data-driven insights, you’ll see your success with trackable results.

Can SEO Affect My Traffic?

A website optimized for search engines is the backbone of any marketing campaign. Obviously, if customers can’t find you, you can’t make sales.

By finding the right keywords and using them correctly, you’ll appear in search engine results. Yet, it’s also important to consider your ranking within results. Your click-through rates dramatically increase the closer you appear to the number 1 spot.

However, keywords aren’t the only part of a good SEO strategy. You also need backlinks to establish your domain authority. Additionally, internal linking helps the search engines understand and rank your website. Of course, you also need to deliver a great user experience with a responsive, easily navigable site.

Unfortunately, search engines constantly change their ranking requirements. Not knowing the current ranking factors can seriously hurt your business. Fully understanding SEO will help you solve how to get more website visits.

Can You Determine Which Page Is Driving The Most Traffic?

Of course! Knowing which pages resonate with your audience more enables you to create quality content your clients want. Additionally, by helping people with useful information you become an authority in your industry.

How Can ConversionMOXY Help Me?

Best practices, those procedures that get you noticed online, are constantly changing. Whether you’re talking about SEO or social media marketing, platforms continually alter algorithms for the best user experience. Hiring an expert like conversionMOXY can save you time, energy, and money.

Undoubtedly. maintaining your digital presence is a full-time job. Hiring an agency to handle your digital marketing can free up valuable time and energy needed to run your company.

Plus, an advertising firm has the experience to get you results quickly. You won’t be throwing your money away on strategies that don’t work.

Moreover, our team can help you with both traditional as well as digital marketing services. Additionally, we tailor each campaign to your company’s needs and budget. Plus, we can add additional services as your company grows.

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