Restaurant Advertising

What’s The Best Restaurant Advertising For My Eatery?

Many restaurant owners typically spend over 50 hours per week running their business. With all the day-to-day tasks associated with hospitality, there’s usually little time left for marketing. Yet, to succeed, you’ll need a marketing strategy to attract new business and turn them into loyal customers. When you need expert help with restaurant advertising, trust the team at conversionMOXY.

The Ever-Exploding Digital World

You’ve tweaked your recipes, rented space, and hung out your sign. Now what? If you wait for customers to stroll through your door, your business will fail quickly. Ultimately, you need to do some type of advertising to spread the word about your restaurant.

Since today’s modern world is digital, you also need a modern marketing plan. This includes a website optimized for search engines that’s easy to navigate. Moreover, your website should include important information like your address, operating hours, phone number, and menu.

You’ll also want to have a social media presence enabling you to connect with your customers online. Creating a profile on any platform is free and running ads are relatively inexpensive. Moreover, many users try a restaurant based on a post by the establishment. One study showed how pictures of mouthwatering food cause cravings users will want to satisfy.

Plus, maintaining a social media presence gives you plenty of direct interactions with your customers. You can gather customer reviews and feedback on menu items and services. Also, you can encourage your customers with rewards to socially share their experience at your restaurant. Finally, you can promote seasonal specials and get opinions on new menu offerings.

Popular Methods of Digital Restaurant Advertising

If you’re not an expert in digital advertising, all the options and ideas can feel like a vast black hole. You can choose pay-per-click, social media advertising, geofencing, and many other options. Even just choosing a social media platform can feel overwhelming as new ones emerge and old ones fade away. However, some tools and methods remain important to grow your business and we can help you with each one:

1. Facebook

This platform continues to be the most popular among all demographics with almost 3 billion active users. Its large market share, precise targeting options, and analytics make it one of the best advertising channels.

2. Instagram

Due to its visual nature, Instagram is perfect for posting pictures of your dishes. Moreover, it’s now owned by Facebook making cross-posting a snap.

3. Nextdoor

Often, neighbors are people we know and trust for recommendations of businesses. Advertising on Nextdoor taps into this trust by connecting people in your neighborhood with one another. To verify neighbors, the platform requires all users to verify their addresses before joining.

4. Google Ads

As the largest search engine, Google gives you access to targeted and motivated audiences. Plus, Google uses a PPC system so you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Hiring An Experienced Team Saves Time And Money

Anywhere you go, you see people on their smartphones checking their emails, social media, or searching for products. Often, consumers rely on “near me” searches” to find the closest establishment meeting their needs.

Moreover, many of these same people check their social media every day and some several times a day. As a business owner, you can reach these consumers with information about your company and special offers.

However, algorithms, SEO, and social media platforms are constantly changing. You have enough to do with running your business without having to figure out best practices for marketing. Moreover, keeping up with social media advertising can eat away at all your valuable time.

Instead of wasting time, energy, and money on tactics that may not work, hire the team at conversionMOXY. As a marketing agency, we’re experienced in all forms of both traditional and digital marketing.

FAQs About Restaurant Advertising

Ready to drive more customers to your door but still have questions? Below we answer some common questions about restaurant advertising.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise A Restaurant?

Your restaurant is unique and deserves to have a customized marketing plan. Generally, following a standard advertising strategy will give you mediocre results at best. Instead, we tailor a marketing strategy specific to your needs and finances.

Instead of quoting you a generalized price, we offer a free no no-obligation consultation. During our meeting, we’ll review your current marketing plan and discuss your goals. After our meeting, we’ll put together a comprehensive marketing strategy within your budget based on our discussions.

What Are The Best Types Of Marketing For My Business?

Again, every business is different and won’t require the exact same services. For example, a new restaurant will need to build brand awareness. While an established eatery may want to focus on building loyalty. Thus, content generation and CTAs should reflect a different intent.

At conversionMOXY, we have a full portfolio of tools for both new and established businesses. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and which tools are best suited to attain these objectives.

How Do I Know My Marketing Plan Is Working?

One of the biggest benefits of using digital marketing is analytics. With analytic tools, you can view your progress toward reaching your goals and objectives. When you work with us, we give you a well-designed personal portal with all your important data in one place.

Moreover, we have an established track record for helping businesses achieve their dreams. Some of our current clients include Clark’s Barbeque, Mario’s Pizza, and Tony’s Pizza.

Ready to grow your restaurant business? Call conversionMOXY right now at 800-849-5642 to book your free consultation.